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Love With a Vampire Chapter 2 - Rescue

Ciel’s Point of View

After being bully, chase by an angry mob, and most of all being kicked out of school, this town is not that bad at all except I’ve really miss my friends from the town before. I seem so many peaceful people waving at me as I waved back at them on my bike; I was running errands for father who seems to have an idiot ideal to make something to sell as a product. I have to stop by Mrs. Millionare’s place to report for her as I work as a maid to pay up the money; I went pass the hospital and noticed body bags as size of children being dragged into the FBI van.

Every parent who children have come to asked the owner where their children are are they alive or dead, I try to ignore it, but I just can’t. So many missing children on every store window, I just hope I don’t get missing as well. I’ve noticed a mansion made out of red on a hill, where I noticed where they are living now; I park my bike by the mansion’s gate and went inside. I noticed their servants giving me a sour glare, as I walked into the mansion and as I got into the mansion, Mrs. Millionare is sitting in the middle of the foyer waiting for me on a chair that she got from one of her travel business.

“I see your father is behind schedule with the bill as I see it,” said Mrs. Millionare working on the laptop computer, “When will he pay the bill?” “I don’t know when, the last time we pay over 6,000,000 zennies for a bill that we didn’t have to pay for our house rent,” I explained to her. She looked at me with a dark glare, she gives me a cold glare, she said, “Don’t talk to me young lady when you are in MINE mansion got it.” “Yes ma’am,” I said emotionless bowing my head down. “When you are in MINE mansion, you will have to wear something proper, got it child,” said Mrs. Millionare angered, I continued to say “Yes.”

Mrs. Millionare handed me a gray maiden dress that is made out of rags, she said giving me an evil grin, “Your work will on clean the floors bottom to top with a sponge and a rag, you called me and my daughter like you do the Queen of England. Got it child I don’t want to here a word from you or its going to get worst as I make your family a living hell.” “Yes Lady Millionare,” I said emotionless. “NOW start cleaning, I want to be done before the guest arrived at 5:35 PM, I have a party to be in,” said Mrs. Millionare closing up her laptop computer and stand up from the chair.

She went out of the door, she said, “You are our slave and if you don’t do the work, I will humiliate you in PUBLIC got it child.” “Yes, Lady Millionare,” I said sadden, tears fallen down my eyes in shame. I started cleaning the floor at the bottom, I felt bruise on my knees as I clean over 10 rooms on two floors plus the kitchen closer to the bathroom, they have every 4 bathroom in each room with everything inside.

The basement is dirty full of antiques and old stuff that they don’t used anymore, some rooms smell like someone has been having sex and haven’t been clean. One of the bathroom have a dead body of an old lady in the tub full of water, and in a room I saw something more disturbing seeing boys under 15-25 chain up in the room. How many rooms are there in the mansion as I explore each room as I clean the floor, and the last room I haven’t clean yet is the worst one of them all. The room is Orihime’s room where she have everything set in alphabet order even her underwear from different brands.

Her CDs were in the case all of over the world, and have a pet snake on her bathroom pole sleeping. I hate snakes, after hours of clean bleeding from the arms and knees. I struggle to move my arms and legs, but I cannot as I was out of energy and I was done.

Mrs. Millionare said clapping at me, “Well, well, you did a better job than your father who I don’t know where it is at.” “MOTHER, why is my floor clean and my SNAKE haven’t been feed,” said Orihime who is the bitch wearing a kimono that she got from Japan.

She noticed me sitting down on the chair and gasped at me, she said in angered, “Mother why did you invite the bitch over to do the work around here?” “Because she is our slave remember like her father and her parents still own us a lot of money,” explained Mrs. Millionare cold, “GO back into your room and get rid of that snake before I sent your father into making your snake food.”

“Yes mother,” angered Orihime going back into the room without saying a word to me. Mrs. Millionare said cold, “Go home commoner and come again a little bit early, or you know what I do to you and your father.” I struggled to get up and went into the elevator, Mrs. Millionare stopped me said, “Commoner may take the stairs, but rich people will take the elevator got it.” “right,” I said painful struggling as I walked over 100 steps down, but it wasn’t for my exercise to them it was more like a torment.

As I got out of the mansion, I noticed my bike is being destroyed by a truck, I said trying to not lose my temper in my mind, “Just calm down, it’s just a bike. Just calm down, its just bike, it can be replace by my dad right.” I walked down the streets of Edge Ridge Town, everyone murmured behind my back, I was really in pain and struggled to walk. My legs cannot take that much damage anymore as I fall on the concrete ground, I said tears coming down my eyes as I felt a blackout before me, “Why must they make it so hard for me?”

It was raining all of the sudden, I felt people whispered at me at the background and I didn’t want this to end my life as I felt a strong blood loss on my very own legs. All of a sudden I waked in a hospital room, I looked at myself wearing a white hospital gown and my legs are bandaged up as I noticed along with my arms. The room is more like violent color and the bed sheets are made out of silk, please don’t be Orihime’s mansion imagine myself being a slave in an old age.

“You’ve finally way up,” said a voice. I noticed a man at the age of 21 with beautiful face, his eyes are emerald and his hair is green. He wore a white collar shirt with a black vest wearing a black pants and shoes along with clothes. His glasses are round and small, I saw my father on the side of the bed, and he said smiling, “You were out on the concrete floor and you were almost died, but thanks to the twins.

They end up saving your life from dead, we called your father so he knows what is going on and we told Mrs. Millionare that she should torment a beautiful girl like yourself to work or torment.” “Who are the twins?” I said coming on the side of me, I noticed two twins that looked alike one of them is wearing a cream vest with a black tied and the other wearing a black vest with a cream tie. Their hairs were carrot orange and their eyes were red, one of them said who hugging me with the cream vest, “We were worry that you will die.”

“So we called our brother to help you,” said the other one. “The cream one is Walter and the black one is Bruce,” said Harpuia smiling at me. “No, I am Bruce,” said the one with the cream giving the doll to one with the black, the one with black said smiling, “I am Walter.” “Switching clothes again aren’t we a little confused,” said Harpuia dragging them both by the ears out of the room, “You devils live the patient alone and I will be sure after here about this.” “Brother why are you always have to be a spoiling sport,” said the boy smiling, the boy with the innocent smiled, “We were just playing.”

They looked more like 14-years-old as they run to fool the others, my father waked up and cried as he hugged me. He said as tears rolling down his face, “I was worry that you will died, please don’t be mad at me, I didn’t know what to do.”

“We all make mistake,” said Harpuia smiling, “We covered the cost of the bill that you own for the family, so they will live you alone Ms. Ciel.” “You did,” I said in shocked, Harpuia nodded with a smiled, “Yes we did. Mr. Cerveau I would like to have a word with your daughter please.” “Yes sir,” said my father released me from his hug and stepped out of the room.

“I heard what happen to your mother and you’ve started off with bad luck,” said Harpuia closing the window, I said in shocked, “Curse what do you mean?” “The Witch Curse,” said Harpuia turning me and I gasped seeing cold red eyes, I said in fear, “You are not human.”

“Yes, I am more like a vampire, I am doing research about you,” he said sitting right by me, “I know you have the highest IQ in the school, we know she has been making your life miserable after the incident with your father having an affair with the witch.”

“What,” I said shaken in fear, Harpuia turned giving me a cold glare, “For now on, you will be working with us and we will protect you like one of your own, so you don’t have to work with the greedy woman. Do not worry, you will never be one of us and I hope you do believe in vampires as well, because you are going to need learn about us.”

“Uh?” said Ciel shaken in fear, Harpuia calmly, “You will work as a maid to pay up our debt for now on.” The door smash opened I notice a girl with a long green ponytail who is 21-years-old wearing a white t-shirt wearing jeans with black boots, she was doing the headlock on the twins. She said aggressive, “These two pervert just stole one of my bras from the drawer?” “I am in the middle of something Marino,” said Harpuia calmly looking up at his sister Marino.

“WELL, I am not a mood,” said Marino kicking the wall aggressively she turned noticing me on the bed, and she soon apologized, she left still doing the headlock on the twins. “Well, I noticed that our elder brother has left a rose by the side of your bed,” said Harpuia, I said in shocked as I remembered the rose, “I thought it was my father’s prank, I burned into the fireplace.”

Harpuia give me a blank and chuckled, “Well, it’s pointless to burn the rose, but I will leave seeing you rest for a while.”

Harpuia walked to the door and he said, “Our maid Luna will get your food and this will be stay as our guest in our mansion for now on.” He closed the door, I was in shocked and I said, “Oh great dad give me to them, this is going to suck real badly.” “I will be sure, she will be safe,” said Harpuia smiling at my father and my father bow down thanking him, he left.

Cerveau coming out of the mansion, he got into his hummer without knowing someone is in the car and it was unlock.

Cerveau’s Point of View

This is strange someone just opened the car, but I looked around me and I saw Mrs. Millionare smiling at me pointed a gun behind my head. “Just continued to drive Cerveau as your punishment to the lake where I leave you to die.” “What the Mrs. Millionare you would never do such a thing?” I said gasped in shock, “I will never do something like that.” “I don’t have a chose,” she said shooting at me and I hit the steering wheeling, my foot is in drive panel and the hummer continued to drive on its own.

I felt I was losing my blood, I felt like I was dying as the car hit the lake and I try to steer it away, but it was too late as it hit the black water. People noticed it and called the hospital, the only thing I wanted is to make Ciel be safe from the family. That all I wanted is it so hard to find someone to protect her somehow from them.

Regular Point of View

Meanwhile in the lab, Harpuia glared at the lake that is turned black and he turned to Leviathan eating a strawberry shortcake. “Did you polluted the lake?” he said cold. “I didn’t, it was Spider,” said Leviathan throwing Spider into a cage, “I have to throw the cigar into the lake.” “CLEAN IT UP!” said Harpuia angered. Leviathan said fearing him, “Fine!”

She cast a spell on the lake turning the lake into the usual color before anyone is suspicious about the lake, she looked out of the window and gasp seeing a body bleeding of Cerveau and Hummer on the lake. “Oh my word,” said Leviathan in shocked, “Father!” “Don’t worry, it seems that he have been murder by someone,” said Harpuia calming her down.

Leviathan left the room in sadness, Harpuia stared at Spider in the cage smoking cigar he said emotionless, “I think I should leave her be, she doesn’t know that I love, but instead that she loves Zero more than me. How can I make her love me?” “Love potion,” said Spider carelessly, “They will always work.” “But it shows fake love,” said Harpuia calmly, “I don’t like that ideal, but you are no help.”

Harpuia left the room without any care for Spider, as he try to escape and outside of the mansion, Mrs. Millionare give an evil grin on her face on the dead body of Ciel’s car, the limousine show up behind her. She said in her mind, “You will never escape me Ciel, you will hear the last me, but I will return soon.” She went into the limousine and the limo left the scene of the crime before someone noticed.

IN the room that will be her room, Ciel felt something wrong as a piece of her is missing and she fall asleep without a care in the world. Her father Cerveau’s ghost watch over her and he said with final looked of her, “Good bye Ciel my loving princess.” He vanishes into the light as it shine on him and things are in store for Ciel after recovering tomorrow when she met more family members.

End of Chapter

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