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This is not very good for Ciel at all, but Leviathan is pulling all the stunts that she did to try to kill her own sister... I don't own them all... Read and enjoy, but be sure to do R and R...

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Love With a Vampire Chapter 5 - Stay Alive Ciel

X’s Point of View

I went to mother who was being prepared for the meeting in the kitchen along with my father starting to feel the guilt after realizing it while playing the piano to keep him calm. I said to mother as I pulled out into the kitchen and into the study hall where the twins entertain the girl. The twins noticed my expression; they both grabbed the girl and left the room. I locked the door after they left and turned to her with sadness in my eyes.

“She is coming down with a fever over 120 and we take her into the clinic as soon as possible,” I explained to her, “Somehow after I notice Leviathan’s behavior is changing after I went pass her, but something is not right at all.” My mother didn’t say a word, she patted me on the shoulder and said, “Do whatever it takes to cure her, I will make a potion right away after the meeting is over.”

“Bad, after the meeting she will die,” I said. “Change of plan, I will let Luna do the potion and be sure you hide her somewhere safe,” she said calmly as she stepped out of the room, “Don’t turn your back on her in one second, someone did a terrible deed into cursing the innocent. It seems someone wants her just revenge on the human, but the human seem confused after she says, “nee-Chan.”

“Nee-Chan why did you called me Nee-Chan, I am not your older sister?” I said in shocked, I realized it was Leviathan the only one who pulls it off. I dashes into Leviathan’s room that is in the attic where she usually lived with her pet “Spider” and as I went into the room.

Spider is hanging on the ceiling like a mini vampire bat sleeping, candles are lining up on floor in form of a circle and books were flying everywhere into shelf to shelf. I said grabbing Spider from the ceiling and shaken him, “SPIDER!” He wakes up yawning, he said, “What with all this?” “What did Leviathan do?” I yelled.

“Like I try to tell her about last time, you cannot make a girl miserable by using magic, it will be killing her,” he said taking out a cigar, “She still want to kill her blaming everything on her, but she was sent to kill her by Ms. Millionare.” “WHAT!” I said dropping him down on the ground.

“Yep, you say it Ms. Millionare raise her after her mother died and raised to be more like her, but still confusing once you get into the part with the tormenting souls,” Spider telling me everything until he turned into ashes. Leviathan show up on the side of the door wearing a towel after coming out of the showers, she said with an evil smiled, “Spider is sick, it seems he cannot keep a simple secret from vampires.”

I said trying to reason with her, “Why are you doing this? You’re Ciel’s little sister why are you being so unsympathetic to her?” “You and your love to human,” she said with an evil grin, “As well, I hate humans more than anything after what our father did to my mother and I don’t like her at all? So I give her a warning if she just gives me back the book and I will never harm her.” “That all you care about is the book,” I said in angered taking out the gun from my right pocket aiming it at her, but I was frozen after trying trigger a warning shot at her.

Leviathan with an evil smiled when I felt a dark aura coming out of her heart, she said turning away from me, “Trying to kill the witch, who tries to kill her own sister?” She said as she changed into her clothes, “I am sorry to ruin the moment, but I better take the book from her when she is having a fever where she may soon died.”

She turned away and vanishes through the door, Spider who regenerates himself and used a spell to set me free. “You better stopped her from getting that book,” said Spider who is now on my shoulder, I nodded and went out of the room to get to Ciel’s room first before she does.

Lyra's POV

Ms. Millionare come into the room along with his daughter Orihime and his husband who is our dear friend ‘Elpizo’ he is more like Zero except he wears pink and has a scar on his right eye.

She was wearing a long black dress that she got from the mall and Orihime wearing a wedding dress that is really white who thinks she is going to marry to Zero. Ms. Millionare said with simple smiled, “Hello dearest friend Lyra how is everything with you and your family?” “Everything is doing very well,” I said ignoring making something in the kitchen, but I am not a very good cook. “You are not looking at me in the eye and something is not good,” she said apathetic, “besides you is not very good cook at all.”

Omega come by my side and takes a burnt fish, he ate it and he said with fishtail in his mouth, “There is nothing wrong with my wife’s cooking?” They both were disgusted and than Zero come into the room with a serious glare on my eye, but the awkward one at us as smelled the foul smell.

“Father why is there a fishtail in your mouth?” he said awkward. He quickly swallowed it up and he said, “Nothing, didn’t you know that your mother is good cook?” “No, I haven’t since the last time she try making meatloaf by using grinding a human brains and a cats fur into it,” he said apathetic. “Hey that was the best one,” Omega scolds our son back.

“Well, if you are trying to become cannibal vampires, I am not going to take part of it,” he said turning away and left the kitchen. “Mine, mine time runs by,” said Ms. Millionare, “But are we about to talk about the marriage?” “AFTER what I heard about you using our grandfather as a threaten to kill him and the marriage will never happen,” I yelled at her, “For a beautiful woman like yourself, you are a foul demon like yourself after I sense you used a spell on poor Leviathan to kill the innocent human!” “Why I never!” said Ms. Millionare getting up, “WHERE DID YOU GET THAT FROM?” “I got visions telling me what you are doing wrong,” I said outrage, “I will never allow my son to marry your daughter and you are threat to my family for what you did to them. Elpizo as a brother to Omega try to get rid of this woman who is killing the innocent to the woman.” He didn’t say a word, but stared at us with no emotion in his eyes and I noticed she did something to him.

Omega said, “You’ve brainwashed him.” “I did,” she said with an evil smiled as she revealed her eyes turning us into stones, “I’ve warned you, but if you refused you will be stone forever. She turned away along with Orihime and left, the twins witnessed what is going as they hide in the storage room.

Zero's Point of View

I am in the room where Harpuia told me where she was at, but seeing her staying alive in alone remained me of my loved Iris lay down on her dying bed. I looked at her and she looked more like an incarnation of her after seeing her face. Her face felt soft and warm, she was more peaceful when she is really sleeping, but it sad seeing her dying from her bed like my lost love Iris.

Aunt Ophiuca come into the room holding a cup of green tea honey special a special recipe that smells like rotten fish and strawberry as she got into the room.

Ophiuca noticed Ciel sleeping peaceful and handed me to tea that was in a special mug that has been pass down from generation to generation, she smiled as she said, “You are in love with her, that is wise for a man to protect her until death do us part my dear nephew.” She turned away and left, it was up to me to drink to tea, but how?

Ciel's Point of View

In a house that where my childhood begin, I felt tormented when it was burning down into the ground and everything that is happening to me. I have been started to have nightmares about me since I was child since the curse begin, started to see my own father as a ghost that is kind of tormenting annoying.

He was all sad staring at me, trying to forgive him, but I refused and also seeing bats around me in form in the night sky. Mother who appears to be unidentified as there was a whole on her face, everyone else more like Noh those without a face and I just try to run away, but I felt more pain.

It’s all a dream right, it is all a dream; please tell me it is all a dream again! I need to get out of the dream as the river becoming blood and everything is turning like a classic TV show color of black and white. I try to run away, but I felt there is nothing I can do to get out of this dream making my life miserable. I only saw two of the worst enemies right in front of me Orihime and Ms. Millionare dragging me into the pit, I felt like blood dripping on the open wounds. Everything is more like nightmare, a nightmare will have no end and I don’t get it at all why is everything after me. “There nothing to do child, but you are going to the slave forever!” she said with a grim looked at me as her hair transformed into mini snakes.

She was repulsive from the beginning when I first saw her in person along with my former friend Orihime who is only a greedy bastard who cares about making my life a living hell. I don’t why she become my bitter enemy at the end now working along side with her mother and taking new habits into the new levels.

I don’t know what to do, but I am alone in the darkness and I felt the guilt on my back as it plowing down and all of the sudden I felt a light shining causing my nightmare to go away. I saw my own father as an angel, he smiled down at me and he grabbed me by the hand. I refused it, and trying to ignore it. I heard Harpuia’s voice; he said calmly, “Forgive your father… before its too late.”

Those words hurt, but I let it out when tears rolling down my face and everything turning darkness into light as my father grabbed me. He floated me out of the ground and he hugged me, he said as he put me down on the ground, “I will never be gone forever, but I will be with you my daughter reunited with your mother in afterlife. I just want you to see you smiled the last time before I go into the afterlife with your mother.”

I saw my mother who is a beautiful young woman smiling down at me and she is wearing the same clothes, she is very young and more mysterious. I haven’t seen her face, I said tears coming down her eyes and as I saw her, “MOMMY I AM SORRY!” I felt her soft hands on my head and she said smiling at me, “It wasn’t your fault Ciel; it wasn’t your entire fault, but it just happen all the time as I forgive your father and he really didn’t mean to do it!” I smiled at both of them as they vanish right before me into the light and I wake up from my sleep.

I saw long blond hair staring at me with black eyes wearing red Victorian clothes, he said smiling at me, “You finally wake up, and you have finally wake up.” “Uh?” I said until I saw X coming through the room panting, he looked up at Zero and he said panting, “Leviathan is coming after her and worst of all Ms. Millionare turning mother and father into stone.” “WHAT!” he said dashing out of the room, he turned to me with worry in his eyes, “Please stay here.” He locked the door and I didn’t know what is going on, but something is not right.

Zero’s POV

“HOW did you know that?” I said dashing along side with X. X explained, “Something is not right when the twins told me everything what have been happening, it wasn’t looking good as Leviathan wants to kill her own sister. I don’t know what it is next, but just hold Uncle Bass comes here.” “Why Uncle Bass I haven’t met him yet?” I said continued to dash. “Because he usually comes here every 1000 years and we haven’t seen him ever since the war in France,” said X apathetic, “Didn’t you forget about him.” “I forgot him when I was only 600-years-old and still learning everything from my mother who thinks my father’s older brother is too cold to see me,” I explained to him, “You saw him in person and my mother keep on prevented him from seeing him after making me give so many lessons in music.”

“Oh right, she is always over protective of you, but you’ve miss the fun that we have with him,” said X showing the pictures of the siblings and cousins with him, I felt just being an outcast in the family due to my mother. We reach into the kitchen where the twins Bruce and Walter staring at the statues of both of our parents, I felt like something is not right.

The girl who was sent is on Bruce’s back, he turned and noticed us, he said angered, “Why didn’t you stop THE BITCHES?”

“Our family tearing apart thanks to that witch and that SNAKE WOMAN!” said Walter crying, “We didn’t know what to do, and WE DON’T even know anything!” “Don’t cry,” Said X hugging him, “Please don’t Walter this is really serious.”

Regular POV Meanwhile outside on the rooftop Leviathan got a hold to the book until her chest with an evil smiled on her face, she said getting on her broom, “Finally got the book, I can finally revived back my mother from the dead.” She smiled victorious as she flew away from the mansion into the dark night sky leaving a strong wind of evil coming into the town as a mysterious stranger show up in a graveyard wearing a brown hooded robe looking up at the sky.

He reveal himself as Bass as he removed the hood from over his head and he said, “You don’t know what you have done Leviathan? You are tearing the family apart thanks for being a traitor, but you don’t know what evil you carry in the book.”

Ciel’s POV As I looked up at the sky, I see is darkness in the sky almost a mixture color of black and red and I felt like something is missing as Harpuia escort me into my room along with the twins Hub and Lan. I was in shocked after seeing the book that my father stolen is missing and I turned to Harpuia. “Leviathan betrays us all,” he said with sadness in his eyes, “Your very own sister.”

To be continued

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