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Love With a Vampire Chapter 6 - Bass' Pep Talk

Harpuia’s POV

Everything is going good to bad to the family, Fefnir is now angered and sad after what Ms. Millionare did to them and Marino felt like it was her fault. The others were looking for Ms. Millionare, but there is no Ms. Millionare or Orihime in the mansion. Ophiuca didn’t trust her from the beginning; she wouldn’t forgive her or Leviathan for she did.

I know Leviathan since I raise her on my own after the witch died tragic death since she is only two-years-old and she is always a child like who would believing everything from Ms. Millionare, but to me she is a fool by Ms. Millionare. I felt like she is a fool indeed and after I told Ciel that it is her own sister, she was still traumatized at the time. X, Zero, and Bruce were keeping an eye out and standing guard at her room, Walter continued to play Alouette.

Geo, Sonia, and Luna were nowhere to be found, but I know they are at the arcade area hanging out with the commoner children. Phantom remains silent hidden in the shadow at the time too and Shadow kept him company, as he felt so alone without Leviathan. I was still in the library trying to find the cure to turn our own parents back to their state.

The spells didn’t work on anything, but I need to find away to get them back or else. They will end up like this forever, Marino comes inside of the room and she said, “How is the cure going?” “Not that good,” I said sadly trying to hide my feelings for Leviathan. I loved her, but she doesn’t love me at all.

“I know you love her right now,” said Marino giving me a hit on the shoulder. “I don’t anymore after she betrays the family,” I said calmly put a potion into another potion that smells like Fefnir’s slippers. “Well, tell her before it is too late,” said Marino. “I don’t care about her anymore,” I said cold to her. “So what the big deal with your looks?” she said angered, “You don’t care about her anymore, it was just a big mistake and by the time she will realized what she have done.

Looked at her, she is just an orphan with a lost mother and she is still a child in a body of a teenager. She maybe young and active, but she is only two-years-old and she didn’t know what she will do with the book!” “Two-year-old, a two-year-old, Marino there is more that means the eyes,” I said ignoring, “She looks more older than a two-year-old and we didn’t met each other after when the witch died in the old town. She is a villain, I don’t care about her and she will never marry me.” “YOU DON’T EVEN REALIZE THAT!” Marino kicking by back disabled my spine and left in angered. “Ouch!” I said when I recovered, but I felt like she is the only one who I care the most and I really loved her.

Bass’ POV

I saw the children with my own eyes and seeing them so sad, but I felt something is really wrong as I smelled a bad spell when I sneak inside at the backdoor. I saw Ophiuca usually in the kitchen making something to make them feel better after seeing the incident through my scythe. Ophiuca turned to me in sadness in her eyes, she didn’t say a word, but I understand what she is saying through her eyes. I went upstairs seeing Walter playing with a human girl in their room, Hub and Lan were sleeping the room across the room from his room.

I saw Harpuia in his laboratory trying to make a cure, but failed and he didn’t give up. Marino is in her dojo room fighting Fefnir for the last sushi with Phantom reading books in the corner. I saw right in front of me were X, Zero, and Bruce were on guard right in front of the door protecting the girl. Bruce recognized me, “Uncle Bass!”

He runs up to me giving me a hug, X said looking at me, “It’s great to see in this bad timing.” “IS this Uncle?” said Zero who is dumfounded. X nodded, I said, “You don’t even recognized me Zero?”

“No, my mother is overprotective of me meeting you,” said Zero sadly, “I don’t know why, but I finally get to meet you seeing you as the Grim Reaper.” “I understand Zero,” I said with a cold glare as they stepped away so I can go into the room meeting the human.

Ciel’s POV

I was reading the books that Harpuia gave as gift and most of all home schooling myself because I haven’t been in school lately, but don’t know when I am going to start. I saw a man coming into the room with longer black hair and his eyes were red. Two lines straight down into his face, he worn a white collar shirt and he wears a blazer type coat with gray cuffs. A bow tie that is shaped like a bat under his collar, wears black pants along with the dress shoes.

He was wearing a black cloak over the suit carrying the scythe on his back, he said a cold glare, “You must to be the human who is a victim to Ms. Millionare and a fatherless after your father died not suicidal. Your mother died in the bakery accident and it was not by accident, but it was on purpose. You’ve nearly died in the sickness caused by your sister, but survive by your father’s last will and that tea. It seems to me your life will get more miserable after she goes after you trying to make them think that you are a bad person.”

“What are you trying to say?” I said looking up at him, “What do you mean?” “I am the grim reaper giving you a review of what have happen in past and what happen in the future?” he explained to me emotionless, “The incident in the bakery was not an accident, but it was a child’s play only by Ms. Millionare by in-planted the bomb inside your mother’s favorite Custard Pie. The customer who is her favorite one is one of Ms. Millionare’s spies and sent to kill her if he falls as a threat. He will force to kill his whole family in front of her eyes for entertainment.” “She did that!” I said in shocked. “She did for real as the cruel woman both on Earth and in the underworld,” he said, “Sadly you are the last victim that she wants to get rid off due something that she never has before that you will never figure out.” “Love is the answer?” I answered. “No,” he said drinking a green tea. “Is it intelligence, it got to be intelligence because I was born intelligent on both father and mother side of the family?” I said.

“Yes, but something else and it is your power that within you,” he explaining to me, “But most of all the curse that can be used for good and evil.” “The curse within me, but that causes my life to be A LIVING HELL?” I said, “Listen Mister, I don’t know what you are talking about, but this curse is nothing to me and making my life a living hell. Even causing my friend to not be my best friend no more, my friends thinks I am weird and I blamed that on my father for this one. I lost everyone around me…”

“Ok, cut with the drama kid, I am not in the mood for your water works or your story,” he said cold hearted, “Besides you are too weak to used the power of the curse, too weak for love and no one will never love you when you hate someone you love. Even most of all you are too weak to be my nephew Zero’s future bride because you are human and I don’t trust you at all, but if you harm my family. I hanged you over my trophy wall eating your organs for my dinner enjoying your death over and over again.” I stared at him in shocked I found that as a threat, but I didn’t do anything to the family and only one who did is Ms. Millionare. “BASS HOW DARE YOU THREATEN HER?” yelled their aunt in angered slapped him across the face, “She didn’t mean any harm to the family and it is not the right time to talk about her. So please stay away from her, leave her be.”

I felt hurt and pain, Bass said staring at her, “It’s just some pep talk.” “That doesn’t some like a pep talk at all uncle,” said Zero who glared at him, “For an uncle who hates human why do you hates them all?” “I hate them because of that human girl Iris you used to fall in love with!” said Bass cold. Zero was really angered and punched in the stomach, “I wouldn’t allow you to insult my deceased love like that or her like that and she has a reason why she didn’t want to see you? You heartless bastard leave Ciel alone, she already put up with Ms. Millionare and she nearly died just leave her alone.”

Zero turned away and left, he vanishes through the chimney on the floor and I felt sad again after he left the room. “I will deal with you later,” he telepathy me with a glare and slammed the door closed. I turned into my mother’s picture and I grabbed my things. “I think I should leave for a while,” I said grabbing my things, but as I grabbed my mother’s picture and all of the sudden it become an empty room, “Wow.”

I used the sheet that they give me and used it as rope to go down the window without anyone knowing. I am going back into hometown where I was born and raised; I felt uncomfortable being in a new town plus being a vampire full of family. It’s better to stay out of family for a while after their uncle threatened me and rather be on my own all by myself in the world.

Back in the mansion where Ms. Millionare stays, she was in her room beating up her own husband as a punching bag standing there emotionless. “I cannot believe, they reject me for the wedding offer letting my own daughter getting married to Zero,” she said aggressive. “because you are mean and pure evil, all you are about is power and becoming immortality,” said a voice coming out of a lamp, “No one will never be your love because your selfish one who cares more about power and your beauty.” “Shut up, I don’t care about your crap!” yelled Ms. Millionare throwing a lamp outside of the window, “I don’t need you as my counsel… neither.”

The lamp that Ms. Millionare thrown outside of the window hit Ciel on the head after coming out of the bakery store. “Who the hell is keeps on hitting me on the head?” yelled Ciel in angered, but saw it, “Ooh its in gold maybe the pawn shop will allow it.” “I am not worth nothing Ciel!” said the voice coming out of the lamp as it regenerated, “I am someone.” “How do you know my name?” Ciel said in shocked putting the food supplies into the bag and picking it up. “I work along with your father for only since childhood and I know you since you were only five-years-old,” said the voice and revived to be a white long hair longer bearded man wearing a science lab. His eyes are black and very old around his 50s.

“I remembered you, you used to work with my father in the lab before my father got fired from his job,” Ciel said seeing him. “Well, let’s just put it that,” said Dr. Light, “I see you met my descendants who are a bunch of vampires and most of all my sons and daughter-in-laws. Especially my son Bass who is a bit hateful to humans… and I do think!” He paused after Ciel throw him into the garbage angered, “Well your son is nothing more to me than a threat because of my CURSE AND BECAUSE OF MY HUMAN! Vampires are bunch of crap in the world, I hate them all!” She turned away and left, she run off with tears coming down her eyes in her mind, “Why must they hate on me?”

Geo’s POV

We just got out of the arcade after Luna just beat the living hell out of some guy who flirt with her and killing others who threatened to hurt with her music. Sonia said coming out of the arcade not harm, “Man why must you go off like that?” “WELL, they were asking for it because they are so much perverted in woman’s appearance,” said Luna with blood stain on her favorite dress and on her hands. “Hide the blood before polices come,” I said using my coat around her. “Why are you so worried?” she said turning to me.

“Well, to tell you the truth, we are not in the old centuries any more right,” said Sonia emotionless going into the bakery, “We have to act normal in the human eye.” “She is right you know!” I said going inside the bakery. “Someone get me out of this disgusting tin can,” said a voice, I heard him after getting the sweet bun. I take out a renew lamp from the garbage can, Luna looked around and she said sense something in the air, “Ciel has been here before… something is wrong with her.” “Ciel why would Ciel be here, she is not allowed to be out under the eyes of Harpuia right?” I said turning to her standing their emotionless.

“Yes, she felt trouble,” said Luna felt something is wrong, “Something is not right with her as she run away from the mansion.” “Wow you’ve really got a sixth sense going on Luna,” I said nervously blushing, “I think we should head home…” “Right,” said Sonia and Luna went ahead of me and we both end home before polices come looking for us.

Regular POV

As the trio went straight home, a Catholic priest that looked middle aged man, but charming coming out of the shadow. “Bob Cooper the Catholic Priest finally found you little monsters,” he said holding out a Christianity cross with an insane smiled as blood drooling out of his mouth, “Bob Copper the Catholic Priest will eliminate you once and for all, all the humans will be save…” “Hey are you alright priest?” said a teenager, “You are bleeding through the mouth and also through your sleeves. Do you want me to call the Hospital?”

The priest reveals his gray, white and black hair and his black eyes out of the shadow. The blood dripping from his mouth and through his sleeves transformed into twin blades fallen into the ground. “No thanks!” he said starring at the female teenage and pick up the twin blades walking pass them, “Nee, Nee, NEE!” “Due he is one of those mental patients who escape from the hospital,” whispered the female teenager, “Could he be dangerous?” “Kill, kill, kill!” said Bob Cooper insane. “Lets call them just in case,” she said taking out a cell phone and almost about to called the polices, but got slices by Bob’s blade. “No one must not know about Bob not even you devils in disguise as humans, but you will never fool Bob!” Bob said insane laughing, the boy try to escape, but he got slashed as well.

Their blood spattered the wall and blood absorbed into Bob’s body, Bob said holding out the cross at the two dead bodies, “Sent them.” The cross glow the two bodies and souls are sucked into the cross and it went back to normal as it started to glow and Bob put it on his neck.

“Souls, Souls are full of sin in this town,” said Bob walking ignoring people are screaming in terror singing insane, “Going, going, to kill vampires who are my threat to me and the humans. Vampires are rotten little demons who will do what ever; ever it takes to end a soul life, life, life.” He sang, but vanishes before the town people finding out what is going on and no one don’t know what he is.

He vanishes into the light, and everyone in town will be on High alert or not… seeing the town people thinking it was only a trick as I see it… I don’t own them all from Capcom and I only own this story, please enjoy the story.

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