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Loverly Light

I really, really liked this! ^^ I think it was well-written and portrayed the characters very nicely~ (As a side note, I think it's interesting Subaru referred to Hikaru as "Hikaru-kun".) I just... can't think of anything in-depth to say about it right now, but I liked this a whole lot~


I finally had time to read this (and I have been looking forward to it, in spite of you). =P

I really like it. What I like about your writing is how for most romance fan fictions, they really skip the character development and start into innuendo, but yours do not but rather dwell on the character development aspect of their relationship. It is really refreshing to read a good romance fan fiction.



A really good one shot story. The subject is a little bit odd (the sick thing), but it turns into a good read. Has a little less War Rock (humor) than I like though. :P