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Well, I figured a contact page would be best for those who don't really use e-mail or whatnot. You're more than welcome to use any of the means below to contact me if you have any questions, want to contribute something, or whatnot :D Just go ahead and let me know!

Note: When trying to contact me any way other than e-mail (or if you change the e-mail subject), please let me know you got my information from here. Thank you.

Also, if you do not get a response within 48 hours, please send your mail again!


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Site e-mail:

Personal Contact for Jen:
E-mail: (If I don't respond within 24 hours, use the e-mail below)
E-mail #2:
AIM: EmitheKitten (I don't use this much)
YIM: miss_emi_zelenka (I rarely ever use this)
ICQ: 179315014 (I rarely ever use this)

Personal Contact for Melissa:
E-mail: (If I don't respond within 24 hours, use the e-mail below)
E-mail #2:
And I would post my instant messenger accounts, but I never go on them anymore, so there'd be no point. :P

Websites and whatnot

For Jen:
Livejournal: rini124
Youtube: rini124
Gaia: Emi
WhuddleWorld: rini124
Neopets: rini124
Build-a-Bearville: JenniferLoveable
Webkinz: rini124
On-Air Forums: Emi
DATs Forums: Emi
DeviantArt: emizelenka

For Melissa:
LiveJournal: comfy_slippers
1UP: MCash583
YouTube: LJComfySlippers
ON-AIR Forums: ComfySlippers
DATS Forums: ComfySlippers
DeviantArt: MCash583