Frequently Asked Questions

To put it simply, a lot of people ask me, Jen, questions and whatnot about things, ranging to stuff that involves me, how I locate stuff, and about my couple choice, so this is to hopefully lessen those down.

Note: Not all of these have short answers.
Note #2: The questions are in order from the most frequently asked to the least frequently asked. Newest will be at the bottom, however.
Note #3: All of these are answered by Jen unless otherwise noted.

Why do you like Luna and Subaru? Misora and Subaru/Tsukasa and Subaru/Whoever and Subaru is much better!

Jen's Response:

You can find the detailed answer in the "Why?" section; however, if you're lazy or don't like reading long things, here's a sum-up: I don't like Misora (Though, I have nothing against her fans unless they don't respect me or my opinions) and am not a fan of Rockman with Roll. I'm not a big fan of yaoi (Which gets rid of Tsukasa and War Rock. I do like two yaoi couples, but I'm just not into most, and I'm not crazy like some people are with it), and finally, most of the others, he just didn't have much interaction with or it'd be pedophilia.

With Luna and Subaru, I feel they have a special connection and friendship that he doesn't have with the others. With Misora, I think it's more of a sibling bond, while with Luna, it's a lot different.

Melissa's Response:

I actually used to ship Subaru with Luna, Misora, and Tsukasa when I first started to play the game, but I always liked Subaru/Luna the best out of those three ships. Their relationship seemed the most believeable and most meaningful to me. Although all three of the relationships are based around trust, the trust Subaru shares with Luna is very different and powerful. They do their best to help each other in any way that they can (which is seen in both the game and the anime). And it's that strong bond that makes me like them together so much more.

And ever since I first met Jen, I've been fully converted to liking Subaru/Luna only (with the occasional crack!ship or two XD).

OHMYGOD. YOU HATE MISORA?! What's wrong with you?! Why the heck do you hate her?!

IMPORTANT NOTE: I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST FANS OF MISORA (unless, again, you start something with me), I ONLY HAVE ISSUES WITH THE CHARACTER. If you like her, great! But please respect that I don't.

Oh, I could go on about this for hours, but I'll try and make this nice and quick. To put it simple, I think she's a mary-sue. I won't go into full detail, but I just really dislike her. She's a pop star that more or less everyone loves (Except Subaru and Luna (Luna does not show to be any fan of Misora in the game. I do know this was changed in the anime.)), even with her manager, she can go wherever she wants because she can wave change and constantly does. She may have lost both parents, but that just adds to the fact that she's more or less perfect, she's famous, she's an actress, she's a pop star, and it goes on and on.

Pfft. You're biased, you're only saying that because you like Luna and Luna with Subaru.

I get this a lot, but I can honestly say I'm not biased. The first game I really played with Megaman in it was Marvel vs. Capcom. I would always unlock Roll and play as her because I thought she was awesome and really cute. I knew they were siblings and robots, but that was the extent of my knowledge. Moving on to now, I got Ryuusei no Rockman/Megaman Starforce on a whim. As soon as Luna came out I was like "She must be Roll in this game!" and immediately became interested in her character. Now, what made me think she'd be Roll? She had the ribbon style and the blonde hair and a ponytail (It's a dual ponytail, but still a ponytail nonetheless). She had a cute dress, just everything pointed me to thinking she was Roll. Because I thought she was going to be "Roll", the idea of her with Subaru never came in my mind at all. So, moving on, Misora shows up. I dislike her immediately from her speech and her characterization. Pink is my favorite color, so for me to hate a character who wears pink says something. I also play piano, so I have nothing against music. Moving on, I go through and then I see Misora merge with Harp and become Harp Note. And I knew, right from the icon with the dress and blonde hair, she was Roll. She was the Roll of the game and I don't think she fits the part. I don't think she has Roll's personality or gives the same support Roll did. I was disappointed, to say the least. When I began liking Luna and Subaru together, it was during the admin arc when Subaru called Luna a satellite which takes place after Misora shows up and becomes Harp Note. Yeah, I disliked her before they got together. And heck, I think the game points to them a lot. The anime is not the official thing, but was made to hype people up for the game and has a lot of changes. In the game, the only thing I really see for Subaru and Misora is Misora asking him out and Subaru saying yes, but he seemed confused and is just a nice guy. He's not going to say no and he didn't really seem to think of it as a date. He didn't seem to be having fun looking at purses and found it somewhat boring. Misora did all the talking. And even though she asked to be his brother first, she was crying and War Rock made the arrested comment (at least in the dubbed game). So he asked, but it was more out of pity than wanting to be brothers, from what I could tell. That was the reading I had received. In the end, I'm not biased against Misora just because I like Luna, I disliked Misora beforehand. However, I do have friends who are Misora fans and MisoraXSubaru fans. More or less, if you accept my feelings and opinions, I'll accept yours.

What other Ryuusei no Rockman pairings do you like?

Jen's Response:

I like Misora and Tsukasa, Cancer and Misora, Ophiuchus and Cancer (I found them funny in episode 47), Amachi and Utagai, Amachi and Akane, Kizamaro and Misora, and a few others... The first three are my favorites though. I also think Mayu X Wolf would be cute if Mayu was older.

Melissa's Response:

I like Subaru/War Rock, Misora/Cancer Bubble, and Amachi/Utagai. I feel like I'm missing another pairing or two in this list, but that might just be because there were a LOT of ships that I liked in Rockman.EXE, so if feels like this list is so short in comparison. XD;

I want to know more about you! Can I?

Well, the domain has a lot of information about me. You're also free to contact me and ask.

Where can I see your other sites?

My domain.

What are your favorite and least favorite RnR Episodes?

Jen's Response:

My favorite episodes of the first season are 19, 46, and 47. They have a lot of cute shippy moments. I also enjoyed 55 a bit because I found Luna fainting funny and 41 from Akane's question asking. I also enjoyed both the Mayu and Wolf episodes and Libra's game show episodes.

My least favorite episodes of the first season are 24 and 25. These episodes actually had me stop the anime for a while until Melissa told me it would get better and I got up to watching it again. I just hate how they changed the whole Ophiuchus thing as it was a lot of character development for Luna. I don't think it was right to cut that out.

My favorite episodes of Tribe are 12, 13, and 21. I loved the Luna-Subaru moments in 12. 13 was Ninja-loving, even though it bothered me that Misora was the pink Ninja, and 21, I just like how Luna showed she really did accept Subaru as Rockman, she just didn't want to admit it to her friends, and Subaru, which makes sense as they know she loves Rockman. If she said she knew he was Subaru, it wouldn't take long for Subaru to realize she has feelings for him and I bet Luna isn't ready for him to know that yet. Plus, this showed she has feelings for both Rockman and Subaru in the anime as well.

My least favorite episode of Tribe is definitely 11. I don't like how they recycled the scene from 41 and changed it up a bit. I feel that was stupid. I actually disliked most episodes of Tribe though.

Melissa's Response:

My favorite episodes of RnR are 4, 19, 40, 41, 46, 47, 55 for the shipping moments in them. Episode 4 is actually what made me want to stick with RnR, because I was rather disappointed with it compared to Rockman.EXE before it aired. And although I wasn't really sure why I liked episode 4 so much at first, I realized later that it was because of the Subaru/Luna scene in it, so technically I've liked them since before the game ever came out in the U.S., which was before my brief period of liking Subaru/Misora and Subaru/Tsukasa.

But some other episodes that I like for reasons other than shipping are the episodes that feature Cancer Bubble, the 2 Mayu and Wolf episodes (she was so adorable!), the episodes that had fight scenes with Cygnus Wing or Gemini Spark, and the 2 episodes where Kizamaro thinks Luna and Gonta are together.

My least favorite episodes of RnR are episodes featuring Libra or Crown because they usually didn't interest me very much.

My favorite RnR Tribe episodes are also 12, 13, and 21 for the shipping moments. Otherwise, Tribe was a let down for me because I didn't like the plot in it, and I didn't like how the only way to win was to make Subaru do a Tribe-On in Every. Single. Battle.

How is something rated PG-13 in the fan art section and something in the Doujinshi section different?

In the Doujinshi section, nearly everything either:
A. Has a lot of sexual innuendo -- This means it hints to sexual behavior. Chances are, a lot of the images come from perverted fan-manga with sexual scenes. Some images might have actually been from some of these scenes and cropped, so you don't see any of those parts, as this WILL remain a PG-13 site and NO hentai will be on it at ANY time.
B. Centers on what makes a PG-13 rating. If it's Luna bending over and all you see is her underwear with her face a little bit in the back, that goes in Doujinshi. Pretty much, if at least 50% of it is more about their undergarments than the character, it'll be in doujinshi. If you can more or less look at a photo and barely notice them without really scanning the image, it's good with just a PG-13 rating in Fan-art.
C. If one of the characters is still doing something perverted. If Luna is grabbing Subaru somewhere or vice versa, or Subaru is looking up Luna's skirt, it goes in Doujinshi. Simple as that.

So yeah, things in the fan-art section are usually things like non-detailed nudity where they aren't doing a thing more than kissing, if anything. A Bare back (only the character is a bit older), or a small sight of under garments/up a girl's skirt that you'll barely notice. That's all there is to it.

Who are your favorite RnR characters and least favorite RnR characters?

Jen's Response:

Luna is. Hands down. :P I liked her from the second she first appeared in the game. There is nothing I can say about her that I dislike. After her...probably Subaru I guess. He reminds me of one of the other characters in another series I really like. Then after him, every character is more or less the same in my eyes (In level of likeness. Not actually the same literally) except Hikaru, Gemini, and Misora.

As I'm sure you can tell, my least favorites are Hikaru, Gemini, and that order (from Dislike, to Detest, to Hate). I think Hikaru's a messed up jerk...Gemini, he's a backstabbing jerk :( And a murderer in the anime, and Misora has been covered in one of the above questions.

Melissa's Response:

I actually don't have a top favorite character, but I do have a tie between two characters, and they are Subaru and Luna (and it's NOT because I like them together XD;). I like Subaru because he's different from the typical hero who is an energetic, happy-go-lucky type of person. Instead, Subaru is a bit of a loner, but he cares about the well-being of others whether he likes the person or not. And I like Luna because I can relate to her sometimes, such as how she likes things to be perfect, and because she's suppoortive of her friends no matter what. After Subaru and Luna, I like a lot of the minor characters, such as Kizamaro, Amachi, Utagai, Cancer Bubble, etc. Even though I used to be a little annoyed by him, I've grown to like Kizamaro because of his silly antics. X3

My least favorite is Gori Monjirou. Everything about him just annoys me from the way he looks, the way he talks, and his attitude. So I'm not looking forward to seeing him in the second RnR game once it's released in the U.S.

Why is there the word "base" written across some images?

More or less, these bases from some avatar simulator sites OR other doll bases that have been partially done (usually just the hair and face) that allow you to make the outfit they're going to wear--similar to Paper Dolls. If an avatar has "Base" written across it, you are welcome to make an outfit for it to wear on the base and then send it to us. ^_^

In the proof section, a lot of the "proof" seems to be based on friendship. What the heck does that have to do with anything?!

A lot of people assume Luna only cares about Rockman and/or Geo doesn't care about Luna as a friend at all, thus why those pieces of proof are there. The site isn't just for the Love Relationship between them too, but their friendship as well.

Could you explain Celeste more? It says she was your idea under some of the credits in the Other Section so...

Well, if you checked out the Other Section, you know that it's for ideas of what Subaru's and Luna's child would look like. Celeste is my idea of what their child may look like and their name (which fits with the whole space-y theme). She is fair skinned like Luna with Luna's eye color and eye style. She has a single ponytail (in the shape of Luna's dual ponytails) held up by a red bow and bangs styled like Subaru. She also has Subaru's hair color. She wears a purple shirt, similar to the style of Subaru's, but without the red-ring like things and no gloves. She has a navy blue skirt (the color of Luna's primary outfit), pink and purple tights, and red boots. More or less a complete mixture of the two together :P

So, what are the donations for anyway?

Well, I could list them here, but for more detailed info, click the blue donation button for TONS of info on how donating to the site works and what the donations are for.

Why do some users on the fanlisting have a next to their name? It means they donated to When Stars Align ^_^ It's our way of honoring them (besides thanking them very much on the main page!)