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Hello there, readers! I saw this sad empty fanfiction section and figured I'd write a "quick" story to help get it on it's feet. It won't be perfect, but I tried. Please be aware, this takes place during the anime as it seems most people tune to that rather than the game. Despite this, I'll be using what I learned from the game for most of the facts used in this story.

Finding the Truth

Luna looked at a calendar, excited that the day had finally arrived. A new carnival had recently stepped into the city for the day and she, along Gonta, Kizamaro, and the extra invited--Subaru, would be going. Picking up her transer, Luna quickly entered Gonta's number.

"Gonta! Are you ready? I'll be at your house soon to get you for the carnival toda--"

"Inchou! I'm sorry, but I can't go."

"What do you mean you can't go?! We tried really hard to get those tickets!"

"Well, my mom is making me clean my room an--"

"No excuses! This was supposed to be our carnival day!" Luna's anger was easily heard, but before Gonta could say another word, Luna hung up. "Well, I'm sure Kizamaro could come..." Dialing his number, she felt even more frustrated when something similar was heard. "What is up with people today?!" Luna quickly grabbed her bag and headed to Subaru's house. Whether or not he could come or not, she was definitely going to go with someone and he was the last one left.


Gonta's room door opened, as Gonta laid on his bed. Sitting up to see who it was, he gave a wave as Kizamaro placed his bag down.

"Are you sure this was the right thing to do? You know I don't feel right lying to her."

"Yeah, but if we have to keep hearing her deny how Subaru-kun is Rockman and have her constantly yelling at us about it..."

"I guess so...but what if she finds out? You know we'll be in deep trouble."

"For now, we just have to hope it goes well."

"But I wanted to go to the carnival!"

"We'll go later, Gonta-kun. But for now, we have to do this for her own good...but mostly so we won't keep getting yelled at."

"I still think going to the carnival is better."

"You'll thank me in time."

Gonta sighed, but decided not to argue anymore. While he had a better chance at winning in an argument agains Kizamaro than Luna, Gonta just wanted to try and get time to pass so he could go to the carnival too, or at least he hoped so.

Back to Luna...

Luna headed up to the house and raised her hand to ring the doorbell. She had only been to his house once by herself, and that was the first day Luna met Subaru. It had gone well...until Kizamaro said something. Ringing the doorbell, Luna suddenly felt nervous, almost to the point of being sick.

'There is no reason for me to feel this way...' Luna thought to herself, shaking her head. 'It's just Hoshikawa-kun. Nobody else.' But no matter how much she reassured herself, she couldn't shake off the feeling.

The door opened a minute or two later, which seemed like a lot longer to Luna. "Hey, Inchou." Subaru greeted the flustered girl. "You're here early."

Luna opened her mouth to respond, but seemed to be at a loss of words. With a bit more effort, she managed to stutter out: "W-well, of course. We need to be the first ones there." Looking away, she grabbed Subaru's wrist and pulled him along, just barely enough time for him to close the door behind him.

"I can walk myself, you know." Subaru said after a few minutes. He was surprised Luna was being so quiet. Usually she'd rant or be saying something, but she hadn't said a word.

"Fine." Luna replied, letting go of his wrist, leaving Subaru even more confused as walked behind her. Jogging a bit to be next to her, he tried to see what was with her today, but her face just gave off an emotionless feeling.

"Where's Gonta-kun and Kizamaro-kun?" Subaru asked.

"They're busy and couldn't make it." Luna responded, quickly, her eyes darted towards a different direction.

"What's with her?" War Rock asked.

"No ide--" Subaru started, but was cut off.

"You don't need to talk to yourself!" Luna quickly exclaimed as she ran off ahead towards the bus stop.

"I guess she still hasn't admitted it to herself yet, huh?" War Rock asked.

"I guess so..." Subaru responded. He hadn't seen Luna so stressed since the Ophiucus incident and even then, it almost didn't seem as bad as this. Luna would at least show her anger, but here, she wasn't showing anything, let alone saying anything either. Catching up the bus stop, the bus arrived just a few seconds later. As the two headed on the bus, they sat together in a seat near the back, Luna taking the window seat.

The bus ride started out quite silent. It was early so the bus was quite empty, with most people getting out at some of the earlier stops for work. The only reason they could even go to the carnival was the fact that it was a holiday at School today. Luna looked out the window the whole time, not talking or saying a word. Subaru felt quite uncomfortable. He didn't expect things to go perfect with it being the three, but now it was just him and Luna, and while she usually could be okay, something was just wrong today. "If you want me to leave I ca--"

"If you want to leave, then just go, but don't make it sound like I want you to or forced you to." Luna quickly snapped. "I'm used to going places by myself so I don't need you staying out of pity if that's what you're doing."

Subaru sighed. At this point he figured going would just be easier. He could always go to the carnival later, but something caught him off guard in the corner of his eye. 'Is she...crying?'

"What is it?" Luna exclaimed, wiping her eyes quickly. Subaru quickly adverted his gaze and mumbled a small "Nothing" as the bus came to a halt. It was their stop and the carnival looked much better in person. As they headed towards the entrance, Subaru decided to try and start an effort to see what was up with her.



"What did you mean when you said you're used to going places by yourself?"

Luna didn't answer. She didn't even mean to say that, let alone have him ask about it. Handing their tickets to the man in the booth, they walked into the carnival, a few crowds of people already there.

"What do you want to do first?" Luna asked, attempting to change the conversation. However, catching a glimpse of Subaru's eyes, she knew that wouldn't work.

"We could go play some of the games, but first, you could answer my question." Luna just glared at him, obivously not wanting to answer, causing more silence. The first game they hit was the Milk Bottle Toss.

"Three balls please." Luna quickly demanded, slamming the money onto the counter. Subaru could just watch, he personally preferred the rides, knowing a lot of the games tended to cheat people out of money. As 3 balls were put in front of Luna, she picked one up. "Hoshikawa-kun."

"What?" Subaru asked.

"Do you know what it's like to feel completely alone? To feel nobody wants you?" Luna asked, throwing the ball, missing the bottles quite a bit.

Subaru didn't seem to understand what she was getting at, but shook his head.

"To know that the only people who are there with you are solely there because they're paid to be?" Luna threw another ball, missing the top one by just a smudge. Subaru just stared, he could see tears building up in her eyes and he had no idea how to respond. Luna picked up the last ball and prepared to throw it. "I do. I have more or less my whole life." And with that sentence, she hit the bottles right in the middle, knocking them all down.

"We have a winner!" The carny declared, telling Luna to pick a prize. Luna picked a small pink teddy bear and Subaru and Luna began to walk along, finally stopping at a small picnic table, seperated from most of the crowd.

"I'm sorry you've felt like that." Subaru managed to sputter out. He couldn't think of anything.

"Don't say sorry." Luna started. Subaru expected a snide remark, but was surprised when she said "It's not your fault."

"Do you want to talk about it?" Subaru asked. Luna looked away, obivously not sure if she should. Taking a look at Subaru one time, she quickly saw Rockman and shook her head, trying to clear the image out of her head. 'They're not the same...they're just not...'

"Fine. But only because nobody else is here." Luna quickly decided. Subaru gave a small smile, just happy that she'd at least talk to him, however, he quickly wiped the smile off his face as Luna glared at him. "Don't expect this to be an everyday thing."

"I won't." Subaru responded, as he rolled his eyes.

"Then let's go somewhere else..." Luna started, as she quickly ran over and grabbed Subaru's wrist. Dragging him off, Luna headed towards the direction of the ferris wheel. As they waited on line, the guy finally let them on. Taking a seat to each, the ferris wheel began to move. Luna quickly grabbed Subaru's hand, much to his surprise, but as he looked at Luna, he could see she was beyond the verge of tears. "Ever since I was a little girl, I was always left alone. I think I was about three when it started..." Luna said softly.

"My parents are always busy, so they're rarely home. Usually off on some plane for a meeting or something... They don't call or anything. They just send gifts randomly and sometimes drop in, and usually if they do, not for very long."


"Luna. My name is Shirogane Luna." Luna started.

"Luna-chan." Subaru said softly. He was a bit confused, but figured it was best to not try and anger her right now.

"Right now, my parents would probably expect me to be home studying or practicing piano more. They expect me to be perfect, for me to have no flaws or make any mistakes."

"But you're only ten!"

"Of course. That's why I shouldn't be out doing things other than school. I should be spending my youth studying."

Subaru couldn't help but feel somewhat angry. Sure, he wasn't the best of friends with Luna, but at the same time, he felt the need to help her and from what she was saying, it sounded like her family was more like a prison.

"They're around so rarely, I don't even get to hear my name that often. Almost everybody at school, it's just "inchou" and at home, all the butlers and maids just call me "miss". Even when my parents are around, it's not like they constantly say my name. Sometimes I wonder how I even remember it."

"So that's why..." Subaru started, but stopped as he just saw Luna nod, a few tears escaping her eyes.

"I just want people to like me for who I am. I'm not really bossy or anything like that..." Luna started. "But how can I expect anybody to like me when my own parents can't even seem to?" At that moment, Subaru just felt himself go up to the poor girl and hug her. Luna cried, just standing in his arms. This was the first time the real "Shirogane Luna" was shown. She wasn't the little perfect, perky, bossy girl people thought she was, but was scared and insecure. Afraid of being used and not truly liked at all. Several minutes slowly passed and only then did Luna's tears finally start to stop.

"I'm sorry for dragging you into this..." Luna said softly as she escaped Subaru's arms. Wiping her eyes, she put on a small smile. "I feel a bit better now." Subaru couldn't help, but smile back, even though he could see she was still kind of hurt. At that moment, the ferris wheel began to shake.

"Subaru, put on your visualizer." War Rock said. Looking out, there were virus' everywhere. "You know what you have to do."

"But what about Luna-chan? I can't just do this and--"

"If you don't do something, you're both going to be in trouble." War Rock interrupted.

Luna watched as the two interracted. She knew she had to deal with it, because no matter how much she tried to deny it, Luna knew the one she loved was the very same boy in front of her. "Subaru-kun."

Subaru turned towards Luna, surprised. Sure, he may have said her name, but he never expected Luna to do the same. "What?"

"Go take care of what you need to...I'll be okay..." Luna said softly. "...Rockman-sama."

Subaru was still shocked, but smiled. "Denpa-Henkan! Hoshikawa Subaru, On air!" As he finished, Luna just smiled softly, thought still a bit nervous over the whole thing. Before Subaru could leave however, Luna grabbed his arm.

"Subaru-kun, can you promise me something?"

"What is it?"

"Just promise to come back here when you're done. I need to talk to you."

"I promise." Subaru said as he smiled at her. With that, Subaru was off and Luna sat down, just hoping for his safety.

About six minutes later, Subaru came back down and sat across from the still flustered girl. He figured it'd be easier for her to talk to him if he was still "Rockman".

"I just want you to know... I do love Rockman-sama and I always will, but I have no feelings for you whatsoever." Luna quickly said, her old behavior coming back. Subaru just grinned as Luna glared. "But..." Subaru looked slightly confused as he watched her stand up. "I do want to thank you for always saving me..."

"It's not like I really did that muc--" However, he was interrupted as Luna pressed her lips to his. Subaru just stared, he never expected this, but what he didn't expect more was what happened next. He felt his eyes close as he returned the kiss and he quickly changed back. As Luna stepped away, her face was bright red, as was Subaru's. "Just remember that was for Rockman-sama, not you!" She quickly yelled, seeing that he turned back. Luna was obivously more flustered than before as the ferris wheel finally stopped and they were let off.

"I don't know, I think it was more for Subaru than for Rockma--" War Rock started. "Shut up!" Luna said softly as she grabbed Subaru's hand. "Now come, we have more to see."

Subaru just smiled, whether or not the kiss was meant for him or for "Rockman" as Luna said, he was just happy she was back to her old self and hopefully the carnival would continue to fix things.

Extra Bonus Ending :D

"So can we go yet?" Gonta asked, It had been at least a few hours.

"No! Not until inchou calls and tells us how it went."

Gonta just sighed once more, finding Kizamaro's plan even stupider than before.

The End~

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