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His Biggest Secret - Other Plans

“Hey, Subaru,” Akane called out, just as her son was ready to walk out the door to leave for school. The now fourteen-year-old boy stopped, and turned to face her, hand still on the doorknob.

“Yes, kaa-san?”

“I just saw on TV that Hibiki Misora is having a concert a few towns over tomorrow night! Would you like to go to it with me?”

Subaru’s face lit up. Around the time Subaru and his friends entered High School, Misora had resumed her career as a pop idol and didn’t drop in on him as often as she used to. He still saw her frequently, however, just not as much as his other friends. But still, the concert…

“Ah, sorry kaa-san, I have something planned that night.” Subaru apologized. There was something he had been planning to do, at the fact of the concert made him decide it would be the perfect time.

“Eh? But almost everyone in the town’s going…” Akane trailed off. Subaru smiled reassuringly at his mother.

“Don’t worry, kaa-san, I just have something else planned.”

Akane smiled back at her son. She was glad that he had gotten over Daigo’s disappearance and was slowly becoming more open. It had been four years since he first started to go back to normal, she remembered. Sometimes she would be worried about him again, but it always pleased her to see how much he was growing up.

“Would it be all right if I go? I was looking forwards to it…”

“Of course you can, kaa-san! I’ll be fine.” Subaru grinned brightly at his mother, who mirrored the expression back at her son.

“I’m going now. Bye!” Subaru called as he opened the door and ran out, waving to his mother as he went.

“Hey, Subaru!” Harp Note called as she dropped in on him walking home from school. “I bet you’re excited to see my show tonight!” She grinned and she landed and walked beside him.

Subaru looked uncomfortable. He knew what was going to come next… “Ah, sorry Misora-chan, but I was planning on doing something with someone tonight…”

“What, you mean you’re not going!” Misora cried out, blocking Subaru’s path. The boy winced slightly. “Look, whatever it is, it can wait. After all, it’s not everyday someone like Hibiki Misora has a concert! And anyway, whoever you were going to get together with is probably going anyway, so don’t be surprised if they bail out on you despite your good intentions.”

“Misora-chan, I know for a fact she isn’t planning on going to the concert. Not everyone is a fan of your music, you know.” Subaru said evenly, trying to walk past Misora, but she was blocking his path intentionally.

“What do you mean “she”? And everyone is a fan of my music! Aren’t you?”

“I meant that the person I’m meeting is female. And I’m your Brother, you know that.”

“That doesn’t answer my question.” Misora grumbled quietly, crossing her arms and pouting.

“…besides, I’ve gone to eight of your concerts in the past five months. Don’t you think that’s enough?” Subaru knew he was treading dangerous waters with this remark, although it had been bothering him for a while that Misora complained that he wasn’t being a very good Brother if he wouldn’t go to another country in order to see one of her concerts.

“But this is special!” Misora whined. “This time it’s actually nearby! And you could show off to your friends that you’re a close friend of mine.”

“Just since you’re my friend is no reason to brag about it.”

“Whatever. Are you coming or not?” Misora demanded.

“Not.” Subaru said bluntly. “I’m sorry Misora, but I really have something else I have to do.” He added as she was about to speak, most likely to try and convince him to come.

“Fine, then! You’ll be sorry when everyone is talking about my newest hit song tomorrow!” Misora huffed, then leapt off and disappeared.

Subaru sighed. He was friends with Misora, but sometime he couldn’t understand her. He smiled, though, as he remembered his plans for tonight, and the person he would be spending it with. Subaru only hoped that she wouldn’t have something else planned, since he hadn’t exactly told her he was planning on hanging out with her tonight…

Luna walked out of her house, gazing at the sky idly as she strolled around. She didn’t have anywhere she was planning to go, she just thought it would be nice to take a walk tonight. Her main reasoning was that it would be more peaceful than most nights, since almost the entire population of the town was attending the Hibiki Misora concert. She let out a small, slightly frustrated sigh as she crossed the street and plunked herself down on the bench next to the Big Wave store. She rested her elbows on her knees, and leaned forwards to rest her chin in her hands. Although they had stopped following her around like lost puppies, Luna was still used to Gonta and Kizamaro’s presence, and felt somewhat at a loss for what to do.

She raised her head and turned it towards the house right across the street from where she sat, then blushed and swung her head away. She knew what she’d like to do, but the chances of it happening were very slim. If Gonta and Kizamaro were out at the concert, he probably was too. She gave a bitter smile as she remembered a slightly similar situation several years ago. The need for a friend wasn’t as dire now as it had been then, but it was the same person who prevented her from going to him. That girl… would she stop at nothing to make Subaru love her? Luna wasn’t vain enough to assume the boy liked her, but she could tell he didn’t like Misora like that. Or maybe he did, and she was just blinding herself to the truth?

Suddenly, Luna heard the sound of a door opening. Whirling her head around, she saw the door to the Hoshikawa’s home open, and she forced her heartbeat down at the sight of the still secret object of her affection.

Why is it, after all this time, seeing him still makes my heart race…?

She kept a small smile on her face and waved, expecting him to wave back and hurry towards the bus stop in hope of getting to the concert without missing too much of it.

So she was exceedingly surprised when he waved back… and then crossed the street towards her.

“S-Subaru-kun, aren’t you going to miss the Hibiki Misora concert?”

Subaru smiled and shook his head. “I had other plans.”

“Oh… you better get going then.” She said quietly, turning her head and looking towards the ground, slightly disappointed. Although, there was no reason she should have gotten her hopes up like that…

Luna started slightly as she saw a hand in front of her. She raised her head to look at Subaru, whose arm was stretched out towards her. She blinked at him, and he smiled brightly.

“Come on. There’s something I want to show you.”

No, I didn’t make a mistake. When Subaru and his mom are talking, it’s the day before the concert, and the next part happens the day of the concert. So… part one of five! Enjoy!

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