Subaru’s School Trouble

Luna walked down the street after school, doing her best to keep an annoyed look off her face. She had hoped Hoshikawa Subaru would have come to school today… it was her job to make sure everything was perfect, even if only one thing went wrong she couldn’t help but think it was her fault. And if Hoshikawa-kun refused to come to school, something had to be wrong, so it was up to her to right it. But, she couldn’t do that if she didn’t know where he was…

Her face lit up at the sight of the boy of the hour in front of her. “Ah, Hoshikawa-kun!” She called out to him. He stopped and glanced over his shoulder at her, which she took as a cue that it would be okay to talk to him.

She ran forwards until she had caught up to him, and smiled at him brightly. “How has your day been, Hoshikawa-kun?” She asked the boy politely. And why didn’t you come to school, she added mentally, but refrained herself from saying it out loud.

His face retained it’s same even, bored (or was it tired?) look it had ever since Luna met him, but at least he responded to her question. “Fine, I guess… my left hand dragged me out of bed this morning, and sent me a whole bunch of e-mails…”

“Oh… o-okay…?” Luna couldn’t hold back a sweatdrop.

“Goodbye, Inchou. Maybe I’ll see you later.” Subaru continued quietly, then continued walking away.

“Ah! Wait! DON’T FORGET TO COME TO SCHOOL TOMORROW!” Luna called after him once she was shaken from her stupor. The boy continued walking, and didn’t look behind him.

Luna sighed, but couldn’t help but smile slightly. She didn’t know what he was going through, or why he was acting this way, but it was obvious this “Subaru” was different from most boys. He seemed to be warming up to her though, if only slightly…

And maybe one day soon she would convince him to come to school!

Yeah, it's short. I'm really sorry to everyone (especially my Shinigami's Angel readers...) but I have Writer's Block right now, so... yeah. It stinks. Oh well, hope you enjoyed!

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