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Ryuusei no Chibis - What's in the Name

'Children, since our creators decided to grant us each two names, the choice will be left you and your classmates for which name you wish to use.'

Luna skimmed the note on the door to her kindergarten class. She beamed at her ability to comprehend the instructions, and skipped into the classroom. She greeted the teacher, then surveyed the small room. She grabbed a few papers from her bag and placed them on the rows of mats. Smiling, she plopped down on a mat in the front row, and waited for the other students to arrive.

A few minutes later, a small, green-haired boy wandered into the room. Spotting Luna, he smiled and waved. He walked across the room, then paused and looked around. Turning back to the door, he called. "Nee-san!"

An annoyed voice responded to his timid beckon. "Yeah, yeah."

A boy identical to the first trudged in the room, a deep scowl darkening his brow. He blew out of the corner of his mouth.

"This is so stupid…"

The first boy looked down. "Nee-san, you shouldn't say such things."

His brother eyed the boy. "Baka…"

Luna sprang up and bounded over to the siblings. "Konnich'wa! I'm Shirogane Luna, class pres'dent." She smiled and extended her arm. "What're you names?"

The second boy corked an eyebrow. "Does kindergarten even 'ave a class president?"

His brother blushed. "Nee-san…" He turned to Luna, rubbing the back of his head. "What name do ya want?"

"Eeder 'r both."

"Well, this is my brother, Futaba Hikaru 'r Rey Sprigs."

A small smile graced Luna's lips. "Do ya shine bright for everyone's ben'fit?"

Hikaru glared, and his brother shook his head vigorously.

"Oh… 'n you?"

He shook her hand. "Futaba Tsukasa, or Pat Sprigs, whiche'er you p'efer."

"Pat?" She giggled. "Does everyone give you one when they first meet ya?"

"Yep," His brother smirked, "Just give him a firm pat on the back!"

He struck the boy with his palm, causing him to stumble forward. Tsukasa let out a cry as he struck the floor.


Hikaru turned to see a spiky-haired boy race across the room. The newcomer gripped the fallen boy's arm, and helped him stand.

"You shouldn't do that! He's yer brother!"

"What's yer point?"

The brown-haired boy stuck out his tongue, and the two glared at each other for several minutes. (Thus began their great rivalry, unknown to the youngsters, though Hikaru may have had an inkling of knowledge.)

"Are you a'right?" He asked the wounded boy.

"Yeah… arig'toh."

Luna frowned at Hikaru, then shook Tsukasa's hand, again. "It's nice to meet you Futaba Tsukasa." Luna scooped up three papers and handed them to the boys. "These are greetings to all the new students."

Tsukasa and the new boy thanked her, but Hikaru stared at his paper.

"You made this?"

Luna beamed. "Yes, I was up all nigh'."

His face expressionless, Hikaru held the paper before her face and ripped it down the middle.

As Luna cried out, the brown-haired boy yelled, "Yo, Kisama! Cut it out! She worked really hard on dis."

Hikaru shrugged and walked to the back row.

Turning back to Luna, the new boy smiled. "Arigatoh. It's very nice."

Luna blushed. "Ar… arigatoh." Her eyes widened. "Oh, um, what's yer name?"

The boy grinned. "You can call me Hos'kawa Subaru or Geo Stelar." He winked. "Can ya guess what my favorite subject is?"

"Um… geography?"

"Yep! I love rocks! They just… rock!"

Luna giggled.

"Hoshikawa Subaru-kun…" Tsukasa approached the boy. "I'm glad to meet you."

Subaru smiled back. "You, too, Tsukasa-kun."

"Is everybody already makin' friends?"

The trio turned towards the doorway. A purple-haired girl stood in the doorway, a small toy guitar strapped across her shoulder. Her hands on her hips, she sauntered across the room.

"Hello. Who's all this?"

Luna straightened. "I'm Shirogane Luna, class pres'dent." She motioned to the boys beside her. "These are Hoshikawa Subaru and Futaba Tsukasa."

The girl corked an eyebrow. "Don't ya'll have two names?"

Subaru placed his hand behind his head. "Yeah, but we already fig'red it out."

"Oh… well, I'm Hibiki Misora. That 'r Sonia Strum."

"What a stupid name." Hikaru eyed her instrument. "You can't get much more cliché than that."

"Nee-san, please…" Tsukasa whispered.

The little musician folded her arms. "Yeah, and what would you know, glow-stick head?"

Hikaru held her gaze, then returned to his pile of papers. Tsukasa sweatdropped, and inched toward Misora.

"Please don't anger 'im. He can be really dang'rous."

She stuck up her nose. "If he's gonna crit'size me, then I'm gonna do it right back!"

A shrill yell pierced the air, and a small boy rushed into the room.

"Help! There's a monster out there!!"

Misora leaned over the trembling boy, patting his mushroom-style hair. "You're cute!" She giggled. "You could fit into my doll's clothes!"

"Eh!!" The kid backed away.

Luna marched up to him. "What's yer name?"

"Saishion Kizamaro. Or, uh… Zack Temple."

"Welcome to the class, Kizamaro. Now, who is this monster y're talking about?"

He gave a yelp and cowered behind Luna, pointing a shaking finger at the doorway. "There!"

All heads turned to the large boy dressed in a yellow shirt and an open brown jumpsuit. He plodded over to the group.

"Oi!" Subaru exclaimed. "I know you! You're Bud Bozo, right?"

"Um, well, it's Bison…"

"Does it matter?" Hikaru stared.

Subaru glared. "Hey, you, pipe down!"

Tsukasa cowered, shaking his head.

"I'd rather ya call me Ushijima Gonta."

"Well, Gonta," Luna placed her hands on her hips. "I won't have you scaring poor Kizamaro."

"Gomen," He rubbed the back of his head. "I 'idn't mean to scare 'im."

Gonta reached his large hand down to shake with Kizamaro, but the latter fell on his back, senseless.

The teacher clapped her hands. "Okay, children, please find your places."

Luna returned to her bag in the center front, Gonto and Kizamaro on either side. Misora seated herself on a pink mat in the left-center. Subaru plopped down in the back, Tsukasa between him and Hikaru, who had already situated himself in the far corner.

"Okay, I see we have introduced ourselves, so-"

She paused, gazing at a white-haired boy ambling in.

"Oh, welcome. Please have a seat, we were about to begin."

The newcomer walked to the mat in front of Hikaru, and stared silently at the teacher.

"Alright, now that everyone is here, welcome to Kodama's Kindergarten Class D. I'm sure you will all enjoy yourselves this year."

Tsukasa shifted his gaze to his brother. Hikaru glared at him, arms crossed. Tsukasa whipped his head back towards the teacher.

As the bell rung, signaling the class' end, Misora yawned, stretching her arms in the air.

"Alright, you are free to go. You are a pleasant group of young ones." She smiled. "I shall see you tomorrow."

"Yeah…" Misora mumbled. "Everyone's pleasant, except emo-boy in the corner."

The teacher gathered her supplies and left the room. Luna approached the late boy still sitting on his mat.

"Hello, I'm Shirogane Luna, class pres'dent." She extended her arm. "What's yer name?"

The boy stared at her open palm, then looked away. "Solo."

"Solo?" Luna repeated.

Misora walked over. "That's a sad name; I don't like it. What's yer other one?"

He stared at her, his face blank. She sweatdropped.


Gonta burst out in laughter.

"That's not a name." Hikaru commented.

Solo sighed. "It's not my fault; my parents were the ones who named me. I wanted to be called Solo, but did they didn't listen to me. Maybe I was in the womb at the time, but they still should have listened to me!" He rose and headed for the door. "It's not like they couldn't hear me, it's called "ultrasound" for a reason, so you'd think they be able to hear me say "Call me Solo, not Rogue…"

Everyone in the room, minus the Futaba brothers, sweatdropped, Solo's rambling growing faint.

"Ya know…" Misora stared at the doorway. "He could just have picked the first one."

Subaru rolled his eyes. "He did. Y're the one who asked fer the other one."

To minimize confusion and teasing, the children decided on the use of only the Japanese names.

Luna then began to speak to Gonta and Kizamaro about the next day's homework. Subaru and Tsukasa chatted about rocks. Misora, growing bored with the company, shuffled out of the room. All the while, Hikaru sat in his corner, silently plotting mischief.

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