Author's Note

This is a drabble. A real wholesome 100% drabble, which means there's only 100 words...which also means, no complaining about the shortness people! For those who can't figure it out, this is from Luna's point of view.

Just Not Yet Hoshikawa Subaru.
The realization still struck her with surprise. She accepted it, of course, but she still held secrets.
She had so much trouble with him, arguing, and following him around, but she eventually got him to open up.
But during that time, she slowly began to admire him, and while she had already fallen for his counterpart, she began to fall for him too. Her heart would flutter as he went near and she could feel her cheeks heat up.
She'd let him know, eventually She'd tell him she loves him, all of him... Just not yet.

The End

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