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Seeing as I've got quite a lot to say, this little Author Note part will be about as big as the actual story XD. Anyway, there's a few things I'd like to clear up.

I'm trying to combine a shipping-fanfiction with something you'd expect from a normal Ryusei No Rockman fanfiction, so there will be battles, at least three of 'em, and it's all in Subaru's point of view. So if you're going to read this with the thought of reading a full 100% Subaruna love fanfiction, I'm afraid you won't get it here. It will play a big role though, but the emphasis will lie on the rivalry between Subaru and a character I made up, while they try and fight to win Luna's heart.

Also, English is not my main language, so I guess there will be some grammatical errors.

That all put aside, I hope you'll all like it!

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The Duel of Love - A New Kid in Town

Subaru looked at the figure in front of the classroom. It was the first day of the new term, and Subaru’s class got a transfer student. Subaru didn’t like him one bit. First of all, there’s his hair. It was so curly. And those curls themselves, they were huge! Wouldn’t those curls defy the laws of physics or something?

Then, he saw Luna. “Oh yeah…” he mumbled at himself. He’d need a better reason.

Thing is, Subaru didn’t like him for one reason. Luna was staring at him, while she was blushing like mad. It drove poor Subaru insane with jealousy. How did the new guy dare to charm Luna, without even saying a word to her? It just wasn’t fair.

It’s been three years since Subaru met War-Rock. A lot of stuff has happened in these years, and finally, there’s a little peace and quiet in the world. No world-threatening aliens or whatever. And just as Subaru thought he’d be able to relax for a while, puberty struck. At a horrible time, too. He started developing a crush for Luna, just when she started to get over Subaru and his “Let’s be friends” attitude. Although Luna díd open up to him, to the point where she started calling him Subaru-chan, it was just as really good friends. And now there’s this new guy. Just his luck.

“Well, class, we’re getting a new student today. Alec, would you please introduce yourself?”
Subaru woke up from his thoughts and analyzed that last sentence. Alec? That didn’t sound quite Japanese. Not from this region, perhaps?

“Yes, ma’am,” Alec replied, in perfect Japanese. “My name is Alec Newell. I am an exchange student from England. My mother is Japanese, so I learned the language since I was a child. I hope to have a good time with all of you.” Alec ended the sentence with a bow towards the class.

Alec Newell was about 13 years old, like Subaru and Luna, but he dressed and acted like an adult. He had brown, curly hair that reached to his shoulders. Though the curls were pretty big, they weren’t really Luna-big, but big nonetheless. Also, the guy had incredibly blue eyes that looked like they could pierce your soul. He wore a light blue shirt, covered in a beige vest with a rose in one of his breast pockets. A rose. Did this guy try to create a Casanova-like style? If so, he succeeded. Almost every girl in the entire class was swooning over him, while all the guys were all thinking something in the lines of “What the heck is wrong with this guy?”

“Classy, gentlemanly English kid, I hate you already.” was the first thing that came to Subaru’s mind when Alec finished his bow. Then, to make it all a little bit worse, Classy Gentlemanly English Kid ended his bow with a wink towards Luna. Luna was startled by this, and turned redder than Subaru had ever seen her. If Subaru wanted to get Luna’s heart back, it wouldn’t be easy.

“That’s it for today. Class is dismissed!”

Subaru waited at the school main gate, waiting for Luna and her posse to show up. However, only Luna came, but left immediately after saying the following: “Sorry, Subaru-chan, but I’m going to get to know Newell-san better. It’s my duty as Inchou. Sorry!” Her face was incredibly red. Subaru watched the girl as she ran off towards the guy Subaru started to like less and less. Subaru then just went home alone, trying to decide whether he’d try the challenge and get Luna back, or stay low and try to get over her. He just couldn’t decide.

A few hours later, Subaru was in his room, looking out of the window, when he spotted Luna. She ran off to her condo, but there was something strange about her. She was really happy, and in her hand she held a rose. Then, not too much later, he spotted Alec taking a walk around town. His breast pocket was empty.

War-Rock, who had been observing everything that happened the entire time, asked Subaru: “So, what’re you going to do?”

Subaru stared at War-Rock for a few seconds, before whispering: “Alec Newell… It’s war.”

War-Rock couldn’t help but grin: “This’ll be very, very interesting.” But, not too much later, his grin turned into a frown as he sensed them. “Denpa viruses on the roll.” Subaru was surprised. “Denpa viruses? It’s been a while.” War-Rock replied: “As long as you still know how to fight.”

“War-Rock, where are the Denpa viruses?”

“The waves seem to be coming from the square. Let’s go.”

Subaru ran off towards the square, but couldn’t get Alec out of his head. To get Luna back, he’d need a plan. A plan good enough to defeat Alec in the epic war of love.

End of Chapter

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