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It seems there still haven't been any submissions :( So I decided to type up an idea I got recently due to Valentine's Day coming up. I hope you all enjoy it! It's quite short, but I was kind of going for something short and sweet ^^; Afterall, that's the best way to do something for V-Day, the 3 s': Sweet, Short, and Simple~ Remember that! On the otherhand, this may have come out a little longer than I expected...

Valentine's Day

Luna looked at the calendar again. The thirteenth. It was late that evening and this was the last chance she had to finish her "present". She had been practicing for the week to make this perfect, afterall, if there was one thing she learned from Subaru's mother, it was that it took a lot of practice to get things right. If it wasn't for that experience, she knew this would probably be a total disaster. Stirring the chocolate around in the pot slowly, she made sure to taste it every so often, making sure it had melted well and was cooking perfectly, afterall, if it didn't taste perfect enough to her, there's no way it could be perfect enough for him, right? Right.

"Yes!" Luna cried out as she tasted it once more. It was perfect and now ready for the mold. Pouring it into a heart-shaped mold, she watched as it began to take shape. Putting the mold in the fridge, she headed to bed, finally able to rest knowing things would be well for tomorrow.

The next day came all too soon, in a way, Luna felt restless, both excited and nervous. She kept thinking the conversation out slowly in her head as she sat at her vanity, styling her curls to perfection, afterall, today was a special day, even if he didn't understand it, he is a boy afterall. As she finished, she headed to the kitchen and quickly grabbed the chocolate from the fridge. Popping it out into a heart shaped box, lace covering the bottom, she got out some icing to decorate it. Luna wrote the name carefully, making sure it wasn't sloppy or mis-printed and made sure to draw a small image below the name, just like on her bento. Closing the heart, Luna took a small square card and wrote a quick note with another little doodle, before placing it on top of the closed box. Tying it tightly with a pink ribbon and making sure the card was stuck quite firm, she nodded with approval and placed it in her backpack, making sure she'd be careful not to screw it up. Her first present had messed up as it is because she had been running around franticly, as far as she was concerned, she would make sure it would not happen again.

Luna headed towards the school. She had made sure to let Gonta and Kizamaro know that she wouldn't be able to pick them up today as it was a special "girl's day". Afterall, the last thing she needed was them bugging her about the day or expecting things. She may have treasured their friendship, but for now, Luna just had one thing, or more specifically, one person on her mind, and that's what she felt she needed to concentrate on right now. Sitting at her desk, she sighed softly, making sure the box was fine and was happy to see it looked perfect still. She watched as everyone came in and sat down, while various other girls in her class began handing out chocolates to their own "special someone". Luna couldn't help but sigh relief as each girl passed him, afterall, she was worried somebody would give him one, and before her no less. Especially that one girl. Hibiki Misora. Afterall, who didn't love her? Did she even have a chance? What if Misora did give him one already? Luna quickly shook her head, the last thing she needed was to get upset. It was even a half day today, class would soon be over and that would be her chance.

She shuffled in her seat, fidgeting often, trying to wait as time went by. She couldn't decide if she wanted time to move faster or slower, growing more nervous by the second. She could do this. She did it once, right? But...she knew it was different. Luna just looked down. She found herself staring at her lap and unknown to her, someone else had noticed her odd behavior. Eventually, the school bell rang, and Luna sighed, now was her chance. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Just as she was about to get up, she was interrupted by a voice that made her cheeks glow red.

"Are you okay? You've been fidgeting since class started." Subaru stated. He looked down at shocked expression on Luna's face, feeling both confused and concerned.

"I'm fine." Luna answered in a quiet voice, getting out of her chair. Reaching into her bag, she pulled out the heart-shaped box. "Su--" She paused and quickly continued "Hoshikawa-kun."


"Could you give this to Rockman-sama please?" Luna quickly said, holding the heart-shaped box out to him.

"Uh...sure." Subaru said, grabbing the box. He then headed towards the door, leaving the still flustered girl behind.

A few moments later...

"So, is she still in denial?" War Rock asked.

"I guess so... But she did ask me to give it to him, so she may be coming around..."

"Or not."

Subaru rolled his eyes as he checked the mail. It turns out he had one other package, a rectangular one from Misora. Placing it on top of Luna's, he opened the door and headed inside, taking a seat at the kitchen table.

"Which should I open first, War Rock?"

"Why not Misora's? Hers is actually to you."

Subaru shrugged, but decided it didn't make a different and opened it. Inside, a card was attached.

To Subaru:
I'm sorry I couldn't make some chocolate! Everything's been busy around here, but I hope you like it all the same---Happy Valentine's Day!

Taking a bite of it, he had to admit it was pretty good either way, but now, it was time for Luna's. Opening the ribbon, he picked up the small card and began to read it.

To my beloved Rockman-sama,
I hope you enjoy this just like you enjoyed that lunch in the park! I worked really hard and I hope it still looks good this time too. Please make sure to let me know how you like it!
Love, Luna

Under her name was a small doodle of Rockman, similar to the one she had put on the bento. He couldn't help but give a small smirk, but as he lifted the cover of the box, his expression slowly changed to shock.

"Hey, Subaru, what is it?" War Rock asked, confused over the sudden expression change. Subaru just tilted his transer for War Rock to see, and even War Rock was surprised. There, across the chocolate heart was written "Subaru", in plain sight, not "Rockman", and underneath it was a small drawing of his face. Breaking off a piece of the top, he was still somewhat surprised that it was quite good. He managed to finish it quickly, but he could not figure out why she wrote his name rather than Rockman, especially if she asked him to give it to Rockman. Subaru just decided to leave the issue alone, for now at least.

The Next Day...

School again. Another long day of school. Luna was glad it was almost over as she was hoping to hear something from Subaru, she was desperate to hear anything from him really. As the bell rang, her expectations held true as Subaru made his way over to her.

"And what did he say?" Luna asked, the excited tone returning to her rather than the nervous one from the other day.

Subaru couldn't help but feel a bit nervous. What should he say? His name was on it, but she did say Rockman... In the end, he decided to just go along with that, afterall, he wasn't exactly somebody to be mean, whether someone knew the truth or not. "He really liked it and told me to tell you Thank you."



What happened next, Subaru did not expect at all. He was greeted by a huge hug from the girl before him, a sweet hug, that he hadn't experienced other than as being "Rockman". "Thank you, Hoshikawa-kun." A small response came. As she let go, she gave him a small smile before skipping out of the classroom.

Subaru watched her go, but was still confused over just what had happened, despite this, he felt both a smile and a blush crept up on his face.

"Are you blushing?" War Rock asked.

"No, of course not!" Subaru yelled, shaking his head.

"Whatever you say." War Rock replied, as he rolled his eyes. And with that, two headed home, wondering what might just be awaiting them.

The End~

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