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This story is a bit of a sequel to Loverly Light's previous fanfiction "Subaru's School Troubles", so I'd recommend reading it before this story, however, it is not necessary.

Not Perfect Without You

“Chotto matte, Hoshikawa-kun!!” Class President Shirogane Luna called out to the boy as she ran towards him, her two lackeys left in the dust.

He stood up and turned to face her, while she did her best to hide her gasping breathing due to the unexpected sprint. In a second she had regained her composure, and put a hand on her hip.

“Why didn’t you come to school today, Hoshikawa-kun?” She shook her head slightly at him.

“…Why do you care so much, anyway?” The boy asked.

Luna’s eyes narrowed slightly. “Don’t try to change the subject! If you must know, it’s because I am Class President, and as such it is my job to make sure everything is perfect at Kodama Elementary. And it just wouldn’t be perfect without you, Hoshikawa-kun…”

Luna voice trailed away as she realized what she had just said. Subaru.s eyes widened slightly as he continued to look Luna in the eyes.

After a second, the girl blushed and diverted he gaze. “I-I didn’t mean it like that!” She said quickly. “I only meant that it’s important that everyone attends school! Y-you aren’t any more important than anyone else!” Her words seemed to tumble over themselves as Luna tried to think of an acceptable excuse.

“Of course, Inchou.” Hoshikawa Subaru said, startling Luna. Had he really believed that…?

Luna looked back at the boy, to see him smiling softly at her. For once, she was devoid of words, although she opened her mouth in an attempt to find some. No sounds came out.

“Maybe I’ll come to school soon, Inchou.” The boy turned away. “I have to go to AMAKEN now, I’ll see you later.”

“B-bye…” she managed to get out, as she looked after the leaving boy. She sighed to herself. How could she have just slipped up like that? It wasn’t like her…

Despite herself, Luna started to smile. Hoshikawa-kun had smiled at her…

“Inchou, what happened? Why did you run ahead of us?” She heard Gonta say as the two came up behind her.

“Oh look, Hoshikawa-kun’s leaving…” Kizamaro said.

“We should hurry after him, Inchou!” Gonta exclaimed.

“No, it’s fine.” Luna said. “I already talked to him. We should try extra hard tomorrow, it looks like he more open to the idea.”

“That’s great!” Kizamaro cheered.

Luna stared wistfully at the bus leaving the station.

“Um… Inchou?” Gonta asked.

Luna snapped herself out of her reverie. “What is it?” She snapped, then relaxed. “Come on, we don’t have to stand here anymore, we should all go home.” She quickly walked across the street to the connecting road to her house.

“What do you think’s up with her?” Gonta asked his short friend.

Kizamaro only shrugged in response.

The End.

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