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A new Megaman Story that involves with Ciel moving in with her father after the bad luck she has in the last town, well this is a fantasy, horror, humor, and romance that involved with the crossover over with Megaman X, Megaman Zero, Megaman Star Force, and Megaman Exe characters. I do not own the characters from all the series and only Capcom owns them along with their creators.

The pairing couple will be Zero and Ciel, X and Alias, Sonic, Geo, and Luna, Leviathan x Harpuia, Rockman Exe x Roll, Gemini Sparks B x Sonia, Gemini Sparks W x Alouette, and Cinnamon and Axl are the only characters will be pairing the story. Please may you not flame me or complained, just enjoy the story and just a plan review please, give a good reason why you like that is all. Silver Horror Log out.

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Love With a Vampire Prologue - Fairytale to Reality

One upon a time there is a girl named Ciel who has a case of bad luck after her father stole a book from a witch. They moved into a small town known as Edge Ridge where they stay permanent under Ciel’s former friend’s Orihime and her family due the fact they are ones who always making their lives a living hell.

Ciel is an intelligent little girl at the age of 16-years-old and her father Cerveau who is an inventor who is a frightened man. Cerveau is the one who started to curse after having an affair with the witch and stealing one of her book without permission.

It seems to me things are getting worst after her mother died in a bakery accident in the pervious town that they lived. Ciel and Cerveau are sad after hearing the bad news, they were force to move by Orihime’s mother and a greedy, and pride wife of Elpizo named Mrs. Millionare after hearing the news.

If her mother still lived, she would protect them from Orihime’s family and they would not be a state of debt that not all of the sudden makes sense to Ciel and Cerveau at all. Everything started to change when a vampire change her life forever as she fall in love with her.

All of the sudden, he reveal to be Zero closing the book wearing a white collar shirt with a black tie under the collar and red blazer over the shirt, black pants along with the dress shoes and worn a cape. Zero looked up at you, he said showing his fang, “But tonight I will tell you the tale about a mortal falling for a vampire, please stay tune or I will suck your blood.” Bats flew from the books to the window showing the title “Love with a Vampire” as the bats form and depart.

End of Prologue 1

I hope you enjoy of the Prologue of the story, Chapter 1 will be update soon. Please leave a review...

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