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Love With a Vampire Chapter 1 - New Life in a New Town

Zero’s Point of View

The life as a vampire is something that we did not predictable after traveling together every 3 years of the night because of the hunters were getting closer. We have to abandon our home in Neo Arcadia and things will never change when hunters want us dead for real. I am getting tired of moving, as our father Omega who over 134,935-years-old and our mother Lyra who only 124,566-years-old.

I was the oldest in the family and second one in the family is X who is the smarter and loves playing chess; we both have the same thing in common, as we are born in the same day in Japan. I am a skill swordsman in the family and he is good with guns, most of all very good with the violin while I am good with a piano.

Harpuia who is born in France our first one to speak in French and English in a manner, he is the calmer one who seems to enjoy making dinner for the guests and loves studying.

He the first one with a higher in the family who own a degree in science in Britain and he love singing his heart out, best of all he is a good translator.

Marino is our only sister in the family who is kind of a half vampire and werewolf at the same times a tomboy, she does not seem to enjoy wearing dress. She is a thief enjoying her treasure and does not get along with anyone except for me. She is born from Japan seems to loves stealing than paying things and being a ninja. She seems love items rare and sells them in the black market. She plays the flute and cross dress like a boy sometimes and wearing pants.

The fifth one in the family Axl the brother in the middle of the family, he is kind of a sweet tooth brother and he seems to charm with the girls. He is very good in playing the piano as well and loves having an adventure, best of all he is cheerful in the family. We still love him all the time and too bad for his height, he looked more like a 12-year-old boy.

Hub is the sixth child of the family and very active into helping his twin brother Lan, but he died after mother giving birth to him. He is not a vampire, but an undead rag doll and seems to loves helping his brother around. He is the wild type for his personality, but more polite and manner unlike his brother.

Lan is the Seven child who was born in Italy is a hungry child who eats everything, but does not get fat, he seems to be a layback brother, but loves playing guitar and seems me. He helps those in need and kind to them, but do not have any special powers and nothing change about him.

The twins Gemini Sparks or we called them Bruce (B) and Walter (W) our eighth and Ninth brother in the family. The twins are the same with the birthmark between their nose and lips, they are both the same expect they sometimes switch their clothes to try to confused us.

X and Hub is the only ones that can tell them apart, Bruce is an aggressive tempered twin brother who loves to do pranks on humans along with his brother Walter who is calmed and mellow. Bruce loves fighting with swords and using his electric powers and Walter is just a personality like a prince. Walter loves carrying a plushie dog named Rush and eating sweets like Axl. They both get along, but argue sometimes and they are both were born in Scotland.

Last, but not least is Geo who is kind of a shy one in the family, who support Harpuia as a brother and is my adopted brother after a werewolf killed both of his family. We invite him into the family after X sucked his blood thinking that he can be one of us because he is almost dead. Geo is a sweet kind heart child in the family seems to enjoy looking up in the sky. Geo is antisocial to us and does not come out of his room, he sometimes follow Harpuia and carries a doll in form of his mother. He is the last one in the family who is from United Kingdom, and the others thinks he is not one of them, but to father he is a one of us.

As father said who lead the flock, he pointed out of a beautiful Victorian Mansion that is in our new home Edge Ridge, “This is what we are staying for now on, so I don’t want to here any complain most of all this is where your aunt, cousins and grandfather lived.” “You mean my sister honey,” said our mother correcting him. “What else should I say to them?” said our father who is dumfounding laughing as we went through the chimney. Father and mother dived down into the roof without going through any door; we all were in a dog pile after getting out of the fireplace.

Our father and mother laughed after seeing us in the pile, Marino who is on the top, “I am the queen of the world.” “Get off you crushing Hub’s arms,” said Lan in pain. We all complained, Marino just sitting on Harpuia’s butt eating a cheesecake while enjoying the torment and both of our parents with a nervous laughed as they left to meet the other family in the living room. “I feel like we touching each others,” said Axl joking. “Shut up Axl,” said the rest of us, Axl said apathetically, “Fine no butt jokes.”

After getting off each other, our cousin Fefnir coming out of the living and he stared at us, he laughed, “You’ve been beating by a girl!” “So what, it is just an accident Cousin?” said Harpuia trying calm himself down. Bruce said angered, “We didn’t get beaten by that Bitch!” “What did you say?” said Marino angered cracking her knuckles, Walter held her back. X hitting him at the back of the head, “How many times does mother and father have to tell you, never insult a lady or curse?”

Marino pushes Walter aside and left to go into the room to have a private time alone, Walter said crying, “Sister push me.” “Stopped being such a pussy Walter,” said Bruce anger, he cried more and X slapped himself on the head. Mother come into the room left up Walter and babying him, “Don’t worry little Walter Mommy is here.” “Pathetic,” said Bruce going outside into the graveyard, Geo going into his new room. Hub and Lan explored the mansion, while me and X went on the rooftop to see the town. Harpuia who is now in the lab inside of the basement Axl who is in the kitchen eating some sweets that he is enjoying.

Regular Point of View

Geo is exploring the mansion and he heard a song coming out in one of the rooms, he peek through the door. He noticed an undead girl with red hair wearing a black lolita, long black and white socks; her eyes were green and wearing black gloves. Her room is all pink and full of music instruments, plus a computer. Geo blushed he said, “She looked kind of cute.”

He continued to lean; he heard a doom tone, “Who are you?” It caused him to fall on the floor, she noticed a maiden at the age of 12 with four wings on the side of her hand and wings on her back. She wears a blue maiden dress, wearing yellow blue stripes socks and wearing red dress shoes. The girl gasped seeing Geo fallen into the floor, the girl reveal to have brown eyes and blond hair. She grabbed him on his arm and dragged him out of the room.

She gasped seeing his face, she apologized, “I am sorry, I thought that you were some perverted boy in the family AKA Fefnir.” “No, I am not,” said Geo concerned, “But I was just wondering who that girl is?” “She is one of Lyra’s niece in the family, despite she is an undead, she has a natural talent to music, by the way I am Luna,” said the girl introducing herself. “I am just plain old Geo is my name,” said Geo with a nervous smiled. “Geo I think that is a good name,” said Luna blushing. Sonia did not say a word, but continued on singing.

Meanwhile in the laboratory, Harpuia studied on everything they got, but expected it was bigger except it is bigger than the old one. Harpuia grabbed the book, he read it with interests, “Interesting.” “You love it don’t you,” said a voice, it reveal to be a reploid with blue long hair and blue eyes wearing a witch hat in form of a cat, Harpuia said picking the cat, “A talking cat, I don’t see anything so amusing of that.” “Jackass,” said the cat transforming into a female reploid with blue eyes and hair in form of a reploid broken free, “You didn’t know I was Leviathan the daughter of Mother Elf.”

“Sorry I didn’t know because of your voice,” said Harpuia ignoring her continually reading the book. “The usually ignoring me,” said the girl apathetic, “But I don’t seem to care after I get that book back from the father who abandoned my mother.” “You don’t say,” said Harpuia, “But I don’t seem to care because that book contains so many evil and it’s a good thing that man that your mother speaks about stole it. If used one spell in the book, you will regret it for eternality, but my half sister is curse thanks to my mother.” “She doesn’t know your existence,” said Harpuia continued to reading it, “The father should give it back, no cannot do if he steals for a good reason. He has the right not your mother or you Leviathan, while you excused me I will continue to read this book.” Leviathan stomped and left the room, she grabbed her broomstick and fly out of the mansion through the window. Leviathan take out a cheesecake and take a big bite, Leviathan in her mind, “Damn that Harpuia going on the mortal side, I will show him, I will show him what they are really are? They are nothing, but greedy bastards who want to get rid of the world of the reploids.”

“What are you going to do about it?” said a small reploid who is in a form a voodoo doll with needles on his back known as “The Traitor of the Family” named Spider popping out from under her hat. “Well, I going to steal back the book from her, no one how am hard and miserable she gets,” said Leviathan with an evil grin on her face, “That will teach her to mess with the immortal.” “But the father you should be targeting not her,” said Spider smoking a cigar. “I don’t care, its her fault for making me immortal,” said Leviathan taking the cigar away from Spider and throwing it into the lake causing the lake into deep black tar, “I will continued to looked for her and when I found her she will die.” “What is the named of the girl?” said Spider taking a piece of cake.

Leviathan did not say a word, but remain emotionless she said, “Her name is Ciel.” In the middle of the road, a girl with blond ponytail and her eyes are blue in a red hummer with her dad named Cerveau who is a very old man late in his 67-years-old. The girl looked outside not impressed or happy and her name is Ciel. She wear a white-collar pink dress with black stockings and red shoes, she is in the passenger side of the car reading a book without looking at her father. Cerveau said trying to cheer her up, “Don’t worry about a thing honey; this will be our permanent place to lived in.” “That what you say in the last town and the town before,” said Ciel cold, Cerveau said trying to smiled, “Can you just cheer yourself up?”

“Why we have to slaves by Orihime my former friend and pay a lot of money, thanks to you it will never be a happy ending for me,” said Ciel angered. “Ciel I know you angered and all, but I,” said Cerveau, Ciel give him a cold glare she said, “Shut up and continued driving Cerveau.” “right,” said Cerveau hurt as he continued drive into the parkway of an old gray house that is two floored and four rooms that has been reserve by Orihime’s mother Mrs. Millionare.

He parks the car on the driveway, Ciel went outside of the car and slammed the door, and she got out the key from her pocket. She opened the door; she closed it leaving her father outside to sleep in the hummer. Ciel went upstairs and turned on the light, she noticed her stuff in an unmark room and she said seeing a picture of her mother, “This sucks without you.”

Ciel fall on the bed cried herself to sleep after seeing a picture of her mother, Zero who is wearing a royal Victorian clothes with cape looked over on her shoulder and stared at her. “She looks almost like Iris my lost loved that died in The Battle of the Roses,” said Zero staring at her. X said right besides him, “Are you going to suck her blood or what?” “No, I cannot,” say Zero turning to X, “I cannot because she looked like her so much, I cannot suck her blood.” “We can always go home and father yelling at us,” said X apathetic, Zero said, “Or invade the hospital instead, they taste better than the teens here.” “You are right about that,” said X turning into a bat and flew out of the window, Zero turned and left a rose on the side of her bed. Zero said, “We will meet again, my love.” He turned into a vampire bat and left as well.

TO be continued.

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