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Love With a Vampire Chapter 3 - Meet the Family

Ciel’s Point of View

I waked up from the bed that I was sleeping for three days and I noticed a dress is fully repair by someone, a rose is on the side of my bed and I pick it up, there is a note with it as I unroll it.

“Dear Miss Ciel,

I want you to meet my family and get to know them, please come at the living room ASAP.


I got dress and went down stairs seeing a group of family sitting in the middle of the living room. Well, I saw the twins fighting over a plushie dog, Harpuia reading a book and a man with long green hair with red eyes and black pupil wearing a white collar shirt with black vest over the shirt and wearing blue pants, he wears a black dress shoes going through the wall. I saw him and jumped in fear, the twins looked up at me.

Walter said pointed to the man, “That is Omega-Xis our father.” I noticed a longer beautiful purple hair woman wearing a lavender dress, her eyes were black beautiful like she is going into the ballroom and I was amazed at her. She said coming up to me and shaken my hand, “I am their mother Lyra; you can call me mother if you want to and it’s an honor to meet you. You looked beautiful for your age and I felt like we will start off as friends.” I said smiled, “It’s an honor to meet you.”

After meeting the family, I know most of them one with a brown hair and 2nd older in the family with green eyes wearing a blue tuxedo with a black tie, white collar shirt and black dress shoes. He is mannered and sweet, he is good with the music and I am most impressed as he entertains the family. I met the other twins Hub who is shy and looks undead to me as his play with his brother Lan who seems to get along with his brother when they are playing games.

I already know Harpuia who is third brother in the family and the fourth one is Marino who I get along well with me. She seems to be a tomboy who doesn’t enjoy dresses and fighting is her type of style and temper get aggressive as someone mess with her. She cut off her hair to looked like boy and wearing a street style outfit. It seems she left the mansion saying, “She is going into a tournament to support her cousin Fefnir.” I don’t know who he is and haven’t met him yet.

Axl who is wants me to join him in Tea Party, he is kind of a loli-sorta and cuter than I imagine. Axl wears like the ones for the host club that I do watch all the time expect that is black and red. Axl loves sweet stuff and is the type who a temper when he don’t get the sweets. Gemini Twins are more like the Devil Twins when they switch clothes to confuse everyone and I manage to tell them apart. Walter is the shy and helpful one; Bruce is kind of hot headed.

Geo is the 10th child in the family who is very shy and anti-social in the family, he looked more like X expect for his brown eyes. The only person I haven’t seen in the family is Zero who is the oldest of the family, but I want to see him in person and the rest. I wondered where they are at. Queen Ophiuca is the aunt to Omega’s and Lyra’s children and she is kind of like a half woman/snake, Lyra show me a picture of her in Yearbook of High School of the 1865.

She looked beautiful, but I haven’t met her yet in the family because she has some business to attend to. She is an older sister to Lyra and they both got a rivalry issue going on back than, but still do get along with her. She says to me before she went out, “They are so many cousins, we don’t know about, but when it is the right time, they will come and visit.”

Ciel’s Point of View

I went back into my room and noticed the book that my father stole on bed room, the rest of my stuff and a picture of my mother. “You know, you can just feel like home in the mansion,” said a girl appeared before me wearing a blue lolita holding a Spider-like plushie, “Nee-Chan!”

“Nee-Chan?” I said in shocked. “Didn’t our father tell you that I am your little sister!” she said cold. “No, I didn’t!” I said saddened, “HE IS NOTHING TO ME ANYMORE AFTER WHAT HE DID LAST TIME!” I was sobbing, she said saddened with her blue eyes and long blue ponytail hair, “I understand how you feel? But it cannot be an accident…” “We both hate our father, but I most of all hate you,” she turned into saddened into angered, “I hate you as well, but you soon understand why?” She vanishes all of the sudden right in front of my eye and I felt like my life going to turned like hell as I felt strong evil within my soul as I heard her evil laugh in my mind.

Why does she hate me all of the sudden and I don’t know who she is?

Regular Point of View

Meanwhile in the Millionare Mansion, Ms. Millionare looked out of the window where everyone is working and playing outside of her mansion. Ms. Millionare despised them all in Edge Ridge Town, she turned away into the closet where a little girl with long blond hair haven’t been clean or eaten for six years. Her eyes were pale blue wearing a rag gray dress without wearing no shoes surrounded by other corpses everywhere around her. She said with an evil grin to the girl as she take out a gun aiming at her, “I don’t seem to think your parents would want you anymore reploid, so I bid you ado!” Before she triggered the gun, bats come out from the hole from the ceiling detracting me as the bats clear out. She was angered, “She got away, damn these bats.” She noticed a rose right in front of her and she pick it up, it went on fire and turned to ashes.

As the bats got out of the mansion, the bats disappeared leaving two bats flying into the mansion, the bats transformed into Walter who was holding the girl and Bruce who holding a camera. “This is the proof that we have to show father,” said Bruce turning into his brother. The girl looked up at him and Walter calmed her down by covering her with his cape. He said smiling, “Don’t worry you are safe.” The girl didn’t a word, but turned away and fall asleep and Walter turned to his brother he said, “Why did father have to chose Orihime as a wife for Zero?”

“Something we don’t know about,” said Bruce saddened, “Because we don’t know why someone would want let us take the pictures of the house? Worst of all, I felt bad for the humans as they put up the mess and I don’t think I never experience that in my life.” “Because you always hated the humans when you were just a kid,” said Walter looking down at the girl sleeping, “I am guessing I should named her ‘Alouette’ for a human friend.” “You and your stupid names,” said Bruce as they went straight home.

To Be Continued.

End of Chapter

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