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Chapter four as been updated while at the meantime Zero and X went to pick up their cousins Phantom and Fefnir along with their sister Marino in this town. Zero met Ms. Millionare the first time and everything went down for Zero as their family become threat. Everything doesn’t seem to a happy site for Zero when he discovered that Orihime will be his bride, but I wondered what will happen next. I don’t own them all only Capcom does.

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Love With a Vampire Chapter 4 - A New Threat

Zero’s Point of View

In a Sacred Heart of an Undead Town filled with Demon shaped lantern through the forest of Edge Ridge and into the cave, where it lead us into the magical realm where creatures of the night stay away from the daytime. X and I have a task from Aunt Ophiuca to pick up Fefnir and our sister Marino from the Temple of Light, Phantom who is in Boarding School the only one we haven’t met yet. We didn’t know we have the brother in the family, but until I heard X said, “STOP!”

I stopped the horses as pull the carriage by the bloody lake where they drink, we both got off of the carriage that only holding four to ten. X looked around and all he sees is just people staring at us as they got out of the way to temple. The temple is made out of wood and traditional with bamboo sticks with the symbol of the moon over the sign the temple.

As we got inside it was an all state tournament full of royalty family everywhere cheering their children on like they are in a gladiator tournament throwing at stuff at the weak and losers, but they are not like the humans. They are calmed and patience, some families where their tradition kimonos in color of their family and ours were lavender/pink thanks to our mother picking it. Like X said, “There are some parts of the family we don’t know about.” He is right about that one after Omega tells us about our brother who is a half human and spider at the same time, but it is kind of weird.

X shake my hand and pointed to Fefnir coming out of the hot springs by the northeast coming out where his robe with the sandals that smell like a cow died from smelling its own stench coming out its own buttock. X turned away putting his red scarf to covered his own nose and I just fainted after smelling it.

Thirty minutes later, I wake up on the side of X who was driving the carriage and Marino did a headlock on me. She said laughing, “You should have seen your face after smelling Fefnir’s feet!” The sandal that Fefnir where is over me and I was about to fainted again until X shot the sandal way from me with his gun. “Never do that again Fefnir!” said X disgusted still wearing that scarf, “Since when did have ever clean it?” “I never make my sandals clean, it was a gift Lyra and I keep it on me for centuries,” said Fefnir hugging the shoe. To tell you the truth, he has a huge crush with our mother and I can hear Marino hitting him with a bamboo stick.

“Well, Well, if it isn’t the Xis Siblings how is your father doing?” said a female voice, I turned seeing Ms. Millionare carrying a lot of clothes and she is really Medusa in disguised along with Orihime my soon to be wife. “He is doing well,” I said smiling at her. “Is the party still tomorrow?” she said with interests, “We have a meeting to discuss about you marrying my daughter AND WHAT IS THAT FOUL SMELL!” She covered her nose, Fefnir said waving his shoe around, “My shoe.”

“Child you should know better than to wave your disguising shoe around,” she said taking the shoe from him and throwing it into the lake causing a lot of Mermaids to die. Leviathan comes out of the water coughing, “WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR FEFNIR?” Leviathan grabbed him by the neck and coughing him, Marino stopped her, and she said, “DON’T BLAME HIM, it’s that bitch’s fault!”

“Marino did your mother told you never curse your own soon to be in-law,” she said in angered. “I don’t care witch, but you don’t have the right to throw someone’s shoe in the lake,” said Marino angered, “it’s a curse and gives you bad luck in Japanese’s Folktale.” “Curse, bad luck,” laughed Ms. Millionare and she started to laughed, “You and your Japanese folktale, you know I hate Japanese more than you werewolf.”

“日本の文化を侮辱するために日本の民俗物語および挑戦を欺いた,” said a death tone voice coming out from the gate of the school. I noticed a silver hair, red eyes pale skin vampire coming out of the school wearing a long red scarf. His age looked like he is 13-years-old and he wears a gakuran a Japanese Uniform for the Male in High School, a group of girls follow him. I turned to Marino who is on top of the carriage, I said to her, “Do you know what he is saying?”

“He says “You mocked Japanese folk tale and dare to insult Japan’s culture,” translated Marino using a device that she bring from the outside world, “I think he got something going on in him, but I don’t know why else he going to say next.”

“Well, child, I am one them except I am more beautiful than anyone in the world as I looked down as witches and ugly creatures,” she boasted causing everyone to get angered and a mob is ready to attack her, but she reveal her eyes and her hair transforming into the snakes turning all the girls who were innocent humans into stones, “You make me since… I better be off to get the SLAVE from her father’s home.” “Slave, what slave you talked about?” I said in shocked as she left without anyone noticing.

The boy punched the wall with the glare after seeing her leave, he said in angered, “彼らがそれらと来るには外の創造物なしに住まれているに戦わなかったと同時にこの村に入ると同時に絶対必要がそれらをなぜいつも侮辱するかそれらを侮辱するが、余りに夜の余りに創造物であり、と同時に恥をかくためにそれらをすべて置く.”

Marino translated, “You put them all to shame as you insult them, but you too is a creature of the night too and why must you insult them all the time as you go into this village as they struggled to live without any outside creature to come with them.”

“Hey Phantom,” said Fefnir calling him out from the carriage, “它得到晚,并且夏天将开始,得到您的在支架的驴子,因此我们可以回家。” “Uh Fefnir that was Chinese not Japanese,” said Marino correcting him. “Hey what did he says?” said X wondered. “I think he says, “It is getting late, and will start in the summer, obtains you in support's jackass, therefore we may go home,” I said translating.

“Oh I thought it was Japanese the same way like Chinese!” said Fefnir rubbing his head like dumfound idiot. Marino slapped herself on the head and said looking down at Fefnir, “「闘将」のファーブニルは家族の馬鹿である。”

Translation: Fighting Fefnir is an idiot in the family.

The boy chuckled as he got inside of the carriage, Leviathan got out her broom stick, Spider coming out of her witch hat, and he said eating a cheesecake, “より遅い幻影会いなさい。”

Translation: See you later Phantom

The boy turned away and got out his book, he started to reading his book, Leviathan left while Spider hang on for dear life and I said noticed the time is now 6:00 PM on my watch, “We better go home before dad as a fit again.” “Right!” said X transforming the carriage into the limousine. “Uh X did you just turned the carriage into a limousine!” said Marino apathetic.

“It wasn’t me,” said X as it started drive by it’s self in full speed. “Are YOU driving X?” I yelled screaming. “NO!” said X trying to take control. We didn’t notice that Leviathan was in the back of seat giggling enjoying a green tea ice cream with chocolate sprinkles at the back. “Curse and your witch powers!” said Marino feeling sick falling down into the sun roof as it was going full speed.

I heard that Marino throwing up at the back seat and Fefnir held her back, Leviathan disgusted after she throws up on her ice cream. Phantom and Spider didn’t say a word, but I can hear them eating Pocky at the back. X and I were screaming like the fat ladies in an opera house in the 16 centuries, everyone thought that we were singing, but X have the higher girl pitch than me causing a lot of windows to break.

X’s Point of View

Thanks for the point of view Zero, but he was way screaming like a girl who is afraid of spider and we noticed that we nearly hit Harpuia after he park right on the street. We both stopped as our voices got weak and we got out of the room, Harpuia coming out angered. Harpuia said, “Switch one of you was driving like drunk drivers?”

“UH neither,” I said, Zero sighed in relief. Phantom coming out of the care with no vomit on him along with Spider on his shoulder, Leviathan covered in vomit and Marino slowly coming out going into the trash can. She vomit continually, Harpuia got disgusted and went into the house.

Fefnir who enjoy the ride and covered in Marino’s barf, he said, “Wow that was fun can we do it again?” As he went up to Marino, but end up being kick in the balls by Marino and Fefnir fall on the ground in pain. Our mother gasped in shocked seeing Marino continued to throw up and try to calm her down, but she didn’t want to touch her because she was covered with vomit. I can hear the twins laughing at the background in their window and I turned to Zero, “We should get clean up.” “Yes, this is disgust,” said Zero showing me the rest of the vomit on his hair. “Don’t show it to ME!” I said dashing into the hot spring at the back of the mansion.

After three hours of cleaning, being scold by father, and getting painful treatment by Harpuia with the needles all over our bodies. We were fully clean and wearing our new clothes, but not new we were wearing human clothes that mother bought from the store. I was wearing a navy blue shirt with a black jacket that comes with the pants and wearing shoes. Zero is wearing all black and red jumpsuit with the logo of Super Smash Bros: Brawl at the back and she thinks its adorable wearing a Naruto jacket with the sandals.

“I see you met your soon to be in-law mother,” Lyra said after hearing from Phantom, “And throwing someone’s sandal is a meaning of bad luck in Japanese, she insult the creatures, but I don’t know why Omega think is a good ideal to marry to someone like Orihime who I saw as a slut.”

“Orihime, who is Orihime why didn’t you TELL ME ABOUT I WAS ABOUT TO GET MARRIED TO HER?” Zero said to his mother, “he didn’t know that they are nothing, but greedy woman who cares about their lustful bodies! Why did father have TO CHOSE THEM? Do I have a will to chose a bride to be my wife instead of marry to them?” Zero stormed off upstairs to his room and I said to mother, “Please forgive him.” “I will have to talk to Omega about this,” said mother turning away into the kitchen. X said, “But something is not right, she says something about “Get the slave from her father’s house.”

“Slave, you mean “Ciel” it seems to me a plot to try making Ciel their slave after Ms. Millionare “accidentally” killed her father as he was about to lived,” Harpuia explained, “I watch everything happen and hack into her computer reading her diary.” “You did!” said Lyra in shocked and worry about Ciel more.

“She is not a good woman at all,” said Marino coming into the room, “She looked more like a racist who hates Japanese only and I saw innocent male teenagers, children in a small room starving to death. Some were fight to stay alive for a simple piece of bread, the butlers and maidens were only innocent people forcing to work under her as they were brainwash. That is where I saw Ciel washing the stairs, she was in pain and they don’t treat them like a family, but like a slaves.”

Walter carried a little girl into room that is in fear, “She is one of the victims in the Hospital, Ms. Millionare pay them double to not help this girl because she wasn’t born in the town. She takes over ten towns in the row and if this keeps up, she will contact Vampire Hunter.” “DON’T say a word,” said Lyra covering Walter’s mouth, tears coming down her eyes, “You saw what happen? Why didn’t you tell him?” “He keeps on telling us, that you are dreaming,” said Marino chuckled, “Dad is a baka!”

Phantom said leading on the door of the kitchen, “彼女は人であり、また石に潔白な人を回すそれらはそれと含む得なかった。彼女は私達が断った後彼女が石にそれらを回したが、私達はリストで次である前に停止しなければならない。”

Mother said confused, “Marino translation please.” Marino translating “Ok, he says, ‘She is the one who also turn innocent into stone and they did not get involve with it. She must be stopped before she turned them into the stone, but we will be next on the list after we refuse.”

“I heard that!” said father coming down stairs sadden, “One of our relatives are in danger as she used our oldest one of the all to force Zero to married her not because immortality, but the money.” “You mean Grandpa Light,” said Harpuia in shocked. “We have to do something, we have to,” said Walter tears coming down his eyes.

We felt like something is going to get worst as we heard something exploded from outside, we looked out seeing the carriage that is now a limousine burst into flames. Lyra said in shocked that turned into bravery, “He has come! Harpuia I want to get Leviathan to use a spell that can protect this house and the town, I am counting on her and Ciel as well. She will get in this plan, but most all I need to get our old friend Elpizo a visit to see what she really is.”

“We will contact Cygnus Wing,” said Bruce grabbed Walter by the hand and left. “And I will contact Bass the Grim Reaper,” said Marino vanishes into the smoke. “I will be sure to keep Ciel safe,” I said, but mother stopped me. She said who has confidence in me, “Beside that she will be safe by returning her into her home.” “I will protect her for Zero’s sake,” I said dashing up to Ciel’s room.

I went pass Leviathan and she didn’t say a word to me, but it is not like her at all as went up into her room. I saw Ciel screaming in pain struggling on the bed, I check her temperature and she was 120 degrees. I called out Luna telling her to get a wet towel and tell Lyra to make the herbs, something is not right about her and Sonia all of the sudden come up to me.

“I saw what she did?” said Sonia disappointed, “She curses her even more.” I was in shocked, Ciel is struggling trying to wake up from the sleep and I don’t know what she did, but it was unforgivable, also a bad move. She said as see sleep talked, “Daddy, Daddy, I am scare why is the house is burning? Why daddy, where is mommy, where is MOMMY?” Something is not right as I saw her tears on her eyes and all I can do is to rushes back to Lyra to tell her the bad news.

To Be Continued…

End of Chapter

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