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Love With a Vampire Chapter 7 - Home Where No One Belongs…

Regular POV

Ciel sitting on the bus stop waiting for the bus to take her back home where her childhood begin and she said looking at the watch, “Its only 12 o’clock and the bus looks like it is late. This road is not the same at night why are grave tombstones showing up around her, Ciel twitches trying to ignore it as she felt something shaken the ground of a horse collapsing. “What is this noise?”

Ciel said looking around, but haven’t seen anything yet as a carriage that is made out of bones with a head of a dragon. The coach is a black and white hair boy headless boy known as Chaud controlling the house wearing a tradition cloak clothes with bandages on his hands and stitches all over his body.

The wheels were on fire as it was floating with a horse that is known as Pegasus Magic as serve under Chaud. “I detect a human,” said the Pegasus like ghost. “I hope you are right,” said Chaud apathetic landed the carriage on the ground, and reattaching the head back into his body, “After you caused me to lose my head after you thought the woman wants a lift.” “So what she is good from her appearance, but this girl looks more innocent,” said Pegasus Magic staring at Ciel.

“You are ghost horse, can you be just intelligent,” Chaud not interesting, “Continued on.” “Wait!” said Pegasus Magic who didn’t move an inch, “Something about this girl is so special to her.” Chaud take out a cigarette and lid it up by using his finger, “I don’t care.”

Pegasus frozen the cigarette, he said stomping him on the ground, “Didn’t I tell you not to smoke the cigarette CHAUD!” “I don’t care, I am dead and I going to smoke in peace,” said Chaud angered. Ciel stopped Pegasus from attacking the boy, Ciel give one good kicked in the stomach. “Bad Horse,” said Ciel in a bad-temper.

Chaud blushes and he clear his throat. “Thank you for saving me from my demonic soul horse,” said Chaud emotionless, Pegasus in shocked and stomped him once more, “I am not that demonic soul horse from the Hollow MOVIE! I am a horse that is trying to stop you from smoking a cigarette and I care about you due to your father last wishes of never to smoke the cigarette that drove him into the graveyard.”

Chaud didn’t care about it, but smoked continually; Ciel snagged the cigarette from him and smashed on the ground. Ciel didn’t say a word, but grabbed her stuff and walked away. “What is with her?” said Chaud confused. “Something with your bad habit,” said Pegasus Magic still in pain.

Ciel's POV

A boy in his age smoking a cigarette, I never seen more in my life and I will never will again. “Hey lady,” said the boy going after her, but I keep on walking and it take three to four days to five while I keep on walking home.

Marino's POV

I was carrying a tray of Ciel’s dinner thanks to Marino ordering human food and I felt something wrong when I noticed the door is opened. I noticed something is wrong with the room seeing everything is all clean out and I felt something is wrong, but it wasn’t a trick. I put down the tray on the floor in shocked, seeing Ciel not on site and dashes up to Bass’s room that in the basement. Harpuia said, “Didn’t do anything that time Marino, she run away from home.” “Why!” I said turning seeing his expression, “Why?” “I don’t know Zero must have taken her someplace else to get away from our uncle,” explained Harpuia worried.

“彼はもっともな理由を有するが、一部は彼女が彼らの鼻にか続くことによって隠れているどこにいるか彼らが見つけたら持って来る悪い理由である。(1)” said Phantom’s voice and we looked on the entrance of the door seeing him wearing his skull black pajamas, “あなたの心配のほかに妨げた私の睡眠を始まって、私を部屋から出ているワタリガラスとして人間の女の子を詳細に心配させる。(2)”

I turned to Harpuia and said twitching, “I am not doing any more translation until you pay me 1,343 zennies per a word he speaks and teach him how to speak English.” “Êtes-vous un idiot que je peux parler anglais? (1)” said Phantom who spoke in French apathetic rubbing his forehead. “Pourquoi parlent en français maintenant? (2)” Harpuia said envious. “Excuse me if you two are speaking in French and I don’t understand French so I excused myself into the room,” I said left the room not understanding a word that they are speaking.

Regular POV

When Marino left the room where Harpuia and Phantom having a conversation on in the room. Phantom said looking out into a full moon, “Prenez-moi dans une mission pour sauver la princesse et le prince du mal qui est partout ce monde avec Marino, hub, et Axl l'a recherchée en arrière ici. Vous défi ne devenez pas fâché contre elle, elle est nostalgique et manquée leur tous, mais elle instruit au sujet de la malédiction qui sera dégagement.(3)” “Hello Ciel!” said Ophiuca coming into the room carrying a tray of tea until she sees the room all clean out, Ophiuca dropped the tray.

Ophiuca stepped out of the room and than started to yell at Bass in angered, “BASS WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO NOW?” “I didn’t do anything Ophiuca, stopped hitting me with the snake,” said Bass dodging it. Harpuia and Phantom looking out of the room seeing Bass dodging it, Harpuia said, “Aunt Ophiuca you are another Medusa too…” Ophiuca stopped and remain silent, “Yes, but I am not like the others and I used mine for good not evil…”

“I see,” said Harpuia noticing the snake transformed back into the lamp. “Sadly my sister and brother in law doesn’t know I have that power and will never reveal it,” said Ophiuca. “If you are Medusa can you turned back into animation,” said Phantom emotionless. “No, but the only way to turned them back to normal is that Ms. Millionare can get kill,” said Ophiuca, “a nätive job, but no… (Paused) Wait you are speaking in English now.” “Just wondering sorry,” said Phantom turning away embarrassed, “but our enemy is getting more and more stronger how can we beat her?”

“Well, there is another one that we are forbidden to touch only a human can touch it,” said Ophiuca, “The holy water… is the only one to cure them from this state.” “Are you positive?” said Phantom staring at them. “Yes,” said Ophiuca looking down, “I am sending Phantom, Axl, Marino and Hub to go after Ciel and take her back here along with Zero. It is passing his curfew and I will excuse him for once, but he will never be so lucky when his parents come back to life again.”

Phantom got up along with Harpuia as he put on his lab coat, he said turning back into the room, “I better get myself ready for the search because the night where the absolute form take flight in the night.” Harpuia started to feel worry about Zero more than ever and in his mind, “He is right, the night is not the right time to go out.” “I will continued finding the holy water and asked Marino to get the Minivan ready because I am not driving in style,” said Harpuia going back into his lab. “I will try to cheer the family up with my song,” said Ophiuca going into the music room. Sonia show up on the stairs, Ophiuca noticed her and she said, “Young lady where have you been?”

Geo said going up stairs with the lamp, “We found grandfather in the lamp, and he knows where Ciel is at.” “WHAT!” said Ophiuca in shocked as Light coming out of the lamp in spirit form. Light said serious, “You have to get Ciel back in the mansion, someone will try to go after her and she is the last descendant in the family. I know it is not her fault, oh its great see you Ophiuca.”

“Stopped changing the subject old man!” yelled Ophiuca shaking Light. X coming in after Ophiuca trying to calm her down, Phantom coming out of the room carrying Axl who was wearing a pink Pajama on his back. Phantom is wearing a red scarf covering his mouth, an all black clothes with black shadows under his eyes and wooden sandals on his feet.

Phantom stands there emotionless starring at Light with his own eyes, but turned away and he said, “I will go now.” He walked pass them, Ophiuca felt something is troubling Phantom, Marino said carrying her things into the minivan, “For over centuries, he never get over it at all and I felt something is wrong with him.” “I think it have been since his parents died in a burning fire,” said Light worrying more about Phantom, “You better keep him company Marino as a sister figure or a mother figure to him that will make him happy.”

“Why he did know he has a demon that can control his emotions?” scolded Marino, “He is one of the lucky ones who got it.” “He is not the lucky ones Marino, he is the one suffering the most because of the demon and the demon remain permanent within him, there is no way to extract the demon from him,” explained Light, “The only one that understand him and looked up to him as an older brother is Axl.” “More like a Mori and Hunny bond type of this story,” said Marino sarcastic. “Yes, it is more like a special bond between Phantom and Axl,” said Light, “You should stopped reading “Ouran High School Host Club” for a while because it is getting more boring.” “HEY!” said Marino angered.

“You better leave because blood started to leak,” said Ophiuca noticed blood leaking from the ceiling and through the walls crack. The walls are becoming stain by blood and everything is becoming black. “We better go now before X really makes us feel the sorrow!” said Marino rushing out of the house. “Right!” said Ophiuca seeing a spider, “Spider!” She grabbed it and started to eat the huge spider, “I wondered if I can make it as a soup! Oh well! La, la, la, la, la, la!” She skipped into the kitchen to make some spider soup that everyone will enjoy with the help of the twins Bruce and Walter catching all the spiders.

Marino's POV

We were standing a huge van right in front of us that looked like an RV and Phantom said with Axl on his back, “This is where we are driving in style, I didn’t mean an RV?” “Well, stopped being a spoil prince Ghost Boy,” I said coming inside of the RV and Hub coming behind me. Phantom sighed and went inside, I saw X looked out of his window and I felt like he is very worry for our safety since for over centuries. He turned away in sadness and all of the sudden Spider show up in his reploid form sitting at the end of the RV. “SPIDER!” I said seeing him sitting at the end, Spider taking out a cigarette and smoke. He said, “Relax X sent me to look for Leviathan in the sake of Harpuia, the human girl and Zero. I am the only one who tells where they are at?”

“I am going too as well,” said Geo showing up on one of the bunk bed, “I worry about Ciel more.” “Geez I am going to,” said Luna who show up in a room that is under the RV, “I want to explore the world instead of cleaning in the house.” I noticed an arm was clawing out of the bottom bunk bed, I noticed that the arm belong to Sonia after she come out grabbing it. “I want to come to, I want to find my origin,” said Sonia nervous. “Uh?” I said.

“I don’t know where I come from, or when was I born?” explained Sonia nervous. “Oh!” I said feeling bad for her, “So we are all going!” “But who is driving?” said Phantom getting up. “I am not used of driving a mortal car!” I said shaking my head no. “Hub is too disabling to drive!” said Phantom added, “Axl is too short to drive, Luna haven’t drive a mortal car before. I am not taking a risk of Sonia due to the fact she is undead, she cannot drive due to the fact.”

“HEY not because I am undead doesn’t mean I cannot drive!” said Sonia snapped getting up and went straight into the driver seat. Phantom set Axl down on a seat; I sit next to Luna on the first seat and staying away from Spider. Geo is still sleeping on the bunk bed, Phantom sit on the passenger’s seat with Sonia as she started to drive the car. Phantom is kind of wrong about Sonia when she was driving well, but the first thing we need to figure out is where Ciel went off to.

Zero’s POV

At the café for night creatures only I hang out with my old rivals where I can keep myself calmed down and no one would ever know except for Marino. It is at the end of town where Graveyard where it is in shaped of a pumpkin and more like a sadistic/Halloween ideal that Chief R my old teacher did since he was in Battle of the Roses.

I was busying practicing compact with a friend who is known as Sir Protoman the 3rd who is a demon with white ponytail hair, he hides his eyes in the public with the sunglasses and no one cannot tell him apart that if he is a demon or a human.

He wears like Neapolitan outfit except he makes his more red and gold in mark of the family traditional color, he has a younger brother that died along time ago and haven’t been seen sense the time after the war. He said giving me a glass of wine, “You are more entertaining with the ladies.” “Yes I am,” I said sighing as I sit down on the couch. “What is wrong?” he said sitting next to me. I said, “I am not sure why my uncle is still have a hate against the mortals for over centuries now, he is still doing his “peep talk” to a girl that we save from the hands of Millionare. Sadly her father died in the hands of a Medusa behind our back allowing us to care more about her, but I am started to fall in love with her all of a sudden.”

“She reminds you of Iris, if I stand corrected,” said Protoman drinking the blood, “I see why you love the mortals and your mother being overprotective from him due to the fact you are a half of your bloodline is a demon.” “I can see that!” I said looking up at the demon drinking an innocent girl’s blood and I turned away disgusted, “But something within me is not right when Leviathan double cross us and nearly killing her own sister.”

“A sister should never hate its own sister,” said Protoman, “What have the generation got into these years? All they care about nothing more than to lived and greedy with rich people instead of carrying for each other. Each generation carries the sin and you my friend are not one of them, but she who is known as “Ciel” has a life of misery ahead of her.” “You are right;” I said sadden trying to focus, “After what happen to my parents turning into stone and no one will never find a cure.”

“Well, something about Millionare wants all the hunters to go after us instead of going after her due to the fact she beauty in the outside, but vile like black tar in the inside,” Protoman said looking outside seeing an old couple walking along side with her. I looked outside into the window as well I smiled, “But the old will last longer than anyone.” “PROTOMAN, ZERO!” yelled a golem that is known as Steel Massimo rushing inside, “The Hunter has come…”

“Hunter,” said Protoman as he got serious. “HE killed a family that is closed to us,” said Steel Massimo panting, “You better go home to your family before he gets your family.” “Is the same one who goes extremely insane?” I said, “The one that is known as Bob Cooper…” “Yes, he is the one who goes in a third person and he doesn’t have a brain when he goes off killing innocence of a virgin’s soul,” said Steel getting up. “Virgin’s soul,” we both said, Zero said apathetic, “You have got to learn how to speak in perfect English…” I drink the wine, but felt a pain in my heart when I struggled with the glass and blood was dripping down on my back. “You are metamorphosis is acting up again,” said Protoman coming into my aid, “I better take you home!” I was coughing up blood and I felt something inside cannot be control as wings started to come out of my back and ears.

My eyes were becoming red, but not blue anymore and my teeth started to sharpen up. The hands are becoming like claws of a werewolf ripping off my gloves and horns coming out of my head bleeding as I scream in pain. I felt something wrong as I looked around the customers seeing down not moving an inch, Steel Massimo carrying Chief R out of the room. Protoman taking out his sword, he said as he started to pray, “Someone is using a bind spell in the café and in rules it is illegal to used on mystical creatures. Let them died in God’s name AMEN!”

“Zero, Zero, my dear Zero,” said a voice, it was Orihime right in front of the door, “Why has you so not please or happy to be my bride? Why is your heart not happy for me?” “Ignored her Zero,” said Protoman slashing zombies coming out of the ground of the café. I didn’t say anything, but spread my wings and I wasn’t myself as something started to take over me. I hear Protoman calling my name, but my respond is no one as I am taking over by a demon within me.

Protoman's POV

As I try to called his name, he didn’t respond, but speak in a strange language all of the sudden and he is being control by Orihime with her dark magic. He said emotionless as he being control by her, “Ich werde gedientes nur Orihime alleine… Die ist meine Aufgabe als ihr Wächter gefallener Engel und wird tun, was auch immer es nimmt, um die zu töten, die sie schädigen.” I can understand what he is saying in my mind, “I will served only Orihime alone... That is my duty as her guardian fallen angel and will do whatever it take to kill those who harm her.”

She is not the only one alone, behind her I saw Leviathan carrying the book with an evil glare. Her eyes were glowing red, but not blue anymore and she said pointed to me, “Shimin (3).” I fall into a deep sleep as she cast the spell on me, I cannot kill a girl in a young age and it is sad seeing her turning out to be a villain the whole time.

Leviathan’s POV

I finally got Zero’s beast form under my control and now its time to looked for dear sister to kill as a sacrifice to bring back my mother from the grave. She is nothing to me, but a threat and Orihime turned who is now on Zero’s back. “Thank you Leviathan for your assistant, you will get your reward soon after we killed the family and killed your sister!” she said smiling at me. “Sweet I want to killed my sister on my own time!” I said grabbing my broom. “If that what you wish for be my guest Leviathan, she is going back into her old town,” she said with an Evil grin. I flew up into the beautiful night sky and went north where she used to lived for along time, failure is not an option to me, but all I wanted is to kill her only with this book in hand. I will bring back my mother back, we go out to cursing the humanity for they done to the witches as I headed North with Orihime followed along with the bewitch Zero.

Bass’s POV

I stared at the night on standing on the tip of the house and it was something wrong in the air as I smell corpses and blood fused together on the west. I smell a witch going on the north and sense danger at the café on the east.

As the grim reaper I have to keep them balance so they will never reveal themselves, but the wind is started blow south and the dead started to rise up as they are being disturbed all around town. Harpuia coming out of the trap door of the roof, he stared at me emotionless said, “The priest has come in town and it has been in news every channel and newspaper that we turned. Victims are being killed and Steel Massimo carried a lot of creatures into the mansion as it is started to become unsafe for everyone.” “That is good for a golem to put them both in the house, but how all the medics doing,” I said turning to him.

He answered, “Everyone from the netherworld will have meeting in 13 days after the incident with Zero’s beast rising up from the full moon. Medics sadly they are none in the city and the others are turned to slaves as Millionare sent her men to invade all homes. What should we do, so many are dying right in front of our eyes and it is not good for the children in the house at all?”

“The children Hub, Sonia, Geo and Luna are not in their beds at all as they are on the search with Marino, Phantom, and Axl to bring back Ciel safe and sound in the house,” I said to him. He gasped in shocked, “The other twins check their rooms and they just lied. Those bastards will pay for lying!” “Well, you can stopped saying that, but they want to bring back Ciel because they wanted to have a sister like them as part of the family,” I said smiled at him, “They got a reason to loved someone who is not part of the family, but its my fault for doing my usual pep talk to her. She felt like I am threatened her, it was me that doesn’t even like her for the beginning to the end, her future remain a mystery.”

“Her future?” he said with interest, “Is there someway to turned Leviathan back to good?” “Sadly no,” I said turning him down, “But there something that we can do to save her soul from being one of the victim of Ms. Millionare. I will never tell you that… as you LOVED HER!”

We both remain silent as the clear sky become cloudy as it started to rain and the moon is not bright anymore as it turned bloody red. “Get the family ready for a battle to protect the house,” I said as an ordered. He nodded and went back in the house as it started to rain blood, I grabbed my cloak and transformed into a scythe revealing my black tuxedo with a red rose on the right pocket on the jacket. “The war is started,” as I jumped off the tip of the house and landed on the ground.

The dead surrounded me and started to slashed them with my scythe prevented them from getting closed into the mansion. I hope they are safe far away from this town please be safe my dearest nieces and nephews looking for dear Ciel and Zero… if they find her I will apologized to both of them.

In the middle of the road, Ciel is reading the books while inside the carriage, but looked out seeing a beautiful moon in the clear sky. “Nothing is beautiful, but the moon is only beautiful in the sky,” she said looking up at the cloud, but didn’t know the danger she will face later on in life as an enemy behind them appeared only in the shadow.

To Be Continued…

Translation from Babelfish Yahoo:



He most possesses the reason, it is the bad reason where, but part it is somewhere it has hidden her by continuing in their noses when they find, it comes having


My sleep which is obstructed other than your worry starting, you make about the girl be worried of the human in detail me as watarigarasu which has come out of the room.

Watarigarasu - Raven Cat


1. Êtes-vous un idiot que je peux parler anglais?

Are you an idiot whom I can speak English?

2. Pourquoi parlent en français maintenant?

Why speak in French now?

3. Prenez-moi dans une mission pour sauver la princesse et le prince du mal qui est partout ce monde avec Marino, hub, et Axl l'a recherchée en arrière ici. Vous défi ne devenez pas fâché contre elle, elle est nostalgique et manquée leur tous, mais elle instruit au sujet de la malédiction qui sera dégagement.

Take to me in a mission to save the princess and the prince of the evil which is this world with Marino, Hub, and Axl sought behind here. You challenge do not become not annoyed against it, it nostalgic and is missed their all, but it informs about the curse which will be release.

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