Christmas Morning

Note: This fanfiction is rated PG-13 for some Strong language.

Christmas morning. Since there was very snowy, there was class. Subaru, as usual, left his house walking toward the building of Luna, the girl waiting at the gate with Gonta and Kizamaro order to proceed. Oh, and War-Rock as well, always talking at times when it should not. After a few minutes, Subaru arrives ahead of the huge building, and stops at the gate, looking inside.

"Do not come to Luna ...?"

"Hush, child. I know you really like to see his girlfriend. He he he ... "

"War-Rock, if you talk dirty, do not talk, okay?"

"Ouch, someone is stressed out here ..."

"Ok, sorry. It is that Luna is not-"

"I'm not what, Hoshikawa-kun?"

"Ah! President ... I thought it would not ... Where did you leave? "

"I was on the other side of the building, fixing your ... I mean ... A few things. Well, shall we? "

"S-Sure! "

And so, off they went. Luna says that the Subaru and Gonta Kizamaro were seized, and would not the school, so they would both just that week.


"Subaru's cold today, is not it?"

"Yeah .. We are at the time. "

Silence sets in again.

Subaru on one side.

Luna another.


"Hey Subaru ..."

"What, War-Rock?"

"Why do not you pull matter with the girl?"

"Why this is not my duty. And I'm not will end. "

"Oh, I know ..."

War-Rock look away and laugh a little. The alien had an idea. He is slightly behind Luna, entering his Transer and typing a message on behalf of Subaru. The Transer Luna whistles, and she opens it. War-Rock back to the Subaru Transer, without him noticing.

"Hm? Will post this hour? "

"What have you done this time, War-Rock?"

"Oh, I'm not guilty for not. Let me out of this. "

"Hoshi ... Kawa-kun ... "

"Yes, President?"

"Your ... Your ... "

Luna did not say anything more, and walks away quickly, leaving behind Subaru, not understanding anything. War-Rock is not hanging on, and laughs.

"War-Rock ..."

"Not me, I swear!"

"What have you done now, his curse?"


"Then why are you laughing out there?"

"I just remembered a joke I saw on TV ..."

"You do not watch TV, War-Rock! Speak up! "

"I did nothing, really. Excuse me. "


War-Rock out of the Transer, and disappears. Subaru takes a deep breath, and continues to follow the path, not understanding anything. Neither the nervousness of Luna, nor that War-Rock made it to stay that way.

"Grumpy Boy, I'm here doing a please him, and he treats me like ..."

Subaru finally arrives at school. Throughout the class, he looks at Luna, and when the girl looks at him, blushes and looks bad, turning quickly. It supports the head in one hand and stares at the ceiling, thinking.

"War-Rock ... The guy you got ready? "

Suddenly, the room lights are extinguished. The lamps explode and the students run out.Subaru tries to open the door that was locked due to viruses. He thinks to himself.

"I must be alone here ... Damn, if the War-Rock had not left, I could do denpa-Henkan and escape, to get to the virus. Everything 's going wrong today! "

Subaru does not even notice that he was thinking out loud, until interrupted by a voice.


"President? You were here, too? "

"No, I'm a ghost! Of course I got stuck! I hid under a table, and heard his voice ... What is denpa-Henkan? Who's War-Rock? "

"I can not tell it to you now."

A light appears on the face of Subaru. Luna lights the display of the Transer, to assist in vision. The girl's face lights up the Subaru and then his face lights up with a semblance of nervousness.

"You'll explain everything to me! NOW! "

"Ahh President, we're stuck here without energy, with a lot of viruses out there, and you come ask me questions? It is not time for that! "

"Do not answer me so! Thick boy. "

"I'm that thick? Who was it that went all uptight about nothing, huh? "

"What are you trying to imply? It was you who caused it! "

"How do I? You're getting crazy, President? "

"Do not call me President! My name is Luna! Luna Shirogane!

"Whatever! I do not know why, since morning you're angry with me, and I even know why! "

"Oh, do not play dumb, please Hoshikawa!"

Luna, furious with the boy, turns.

"I no longer chat with you. AND KNOW THAT I'LL DELETE MY BROTHERBAND! "

"To not give a fuck, GIRL!"

Luna picks up his backpack, which was heavy, and throws it on the floor, looking for a chair, until a "CREC" characteristic of something breaking is heard from inside the suitcase. Luna is shocked, and stares at the bag for awhile.

"N-No ..."

"What now?"

Luna does not respond. Only bows before the backpack, and pulls out a blue and white box with a beautiful white band, too, going by the cover. The box was rather crumpled, and she slowly turns red.

"D-drugs ..."

"Aff, what is Luna? You're broke al-crying? "

"And what do you care?"

Subaru walks up to the girl's side, lighting the way with his Transer. He kneels beside the girl, and watch the box carefully. Luna looks at Subaru, and opens the box, which contained a picture frame with a picture of her and RockMan. The glass was broken but the frame, hearts and stars, was intact.

"What was that, Luna?"

"You're supposed to ... Giving pro RockMan-sama. "

"... Give one. "

"No! S broke! "

"No matter. I'm sure he'll like it. "


"Not one thing why're broken it loses its value."


Luna smiled at Subaru. It was the first time that day.

Subaru rises, and some light bulbs again. He smiles, and touches the shoulder of Luna.

"Come on, I think the virus is not here anymore."


Subaru moves in the door, not opening. He kicks it, and nothing. After a few minutes, the boy drops sitting on the floor tired.

"Dammit ... This port is stronger than I thought. "

"Stay calm, a time they will get us from here ... Subaru-kun. "

Subaru-kun. It was the first time he heard it. There seemed to be something important, but it was Subaru. Especially coming from Luna.

"Yes. Let us sit down, take a seat there. "

Luna and Subaru take a seat. Luna looks at the clock Transer. It's time for lunch.Strangely no one noticed the lack of both.

Meanwhile, on the outside of the school ...
Many students wonder about Luna and Subaru. One of them tried to open the door and takes a shock. A voice comes out of the door handle.


The children run off. Inside, a green glow emanates from inside the door, and War-Rock, with a dejected expression, look through walls to Subaru.

"Come on ... I will not hold these kids boring for long. "

Inside the room, Subaru and Luna lunch break, sitting at a desk, in front of one another.Luna does not eat, she observes Subaru. He wonders, and looks at Luna, too.


"Hm? N-nothing ... "

"You have not touched your lunch."

"Is that ... I'm not hungry. "

Bullshit. Luna was hungry, but for some reason, I could not look away from Subaru.Something about him made the girl feel magnetized.

Minutes later, Luna beats hands on desk, head down and gets up. Subaru can not see the girl's eyes, thanks to the hair.


"Su ..."

"What was Luna? If you feel bad? "

"N-No. I. .. "

"Any problems?"

Luna seemed irritated, but could not speak with anger. Something prevented it from dealing always treated as Subaru.


"Why what?"

"Why are you worrying so much about me?"

"I have to give reasons?"

"Sure. A person does not do this from scratch. "

"Hey, friends always care for each other."

Friends. Luna felt much more comfortable to hear from Subaru that he considered a friend.

Not a colleague.

Neither the President.

"So we're ... Friends? "

"Yes! Now, Luna, we were always friends. "

"He ..."

Subaru went towards the door, even if interrupted by the hand of Luna, which pulls the arm.

"O. .. Thanks."

"For what?"

Luna does not respond. She just closes her eyes, hugs and Subaru. He understands nothing, but passes his arms over the shoulders of the girl, and smiles.

"Luna ..."


"What happened this morning?"

"About what?"

"You have been nervous."

"You sent me an e-mail, no?"

"I do not."

"Look, here."

Luna opens the Transer, and shows the E-mail to Subaru.

"Luna, I'm a long time hiding it from you, but I want you to know my biggest secret. "

Subaru freezes. Does this e-mail containing the information that he was RockMan?Luna skips a line, and continues reading. Subaru heard everything, but did not feel calmer.

"I want you to know that I love you from the bottom of my heart."

"I. .."

"What has this to say about email?"

"I. .."


Subaru noticed the sparkle in the eye of Luna, but he would not talk to what at that time.Not there.

"I did not write it."

"Oh, okay ... They must have used his name. "


Subaru curses War-Rock in every way possible in thought, until he loses his train of thought to feel something. Your body quivers in a split second, and then heats up. He feels something odd, which happens because of that Luna is embraced him.

"Luna ...!"

"Shut up."

Luna did not have time to respond Subaru.

She approaches.

Feel the breath of speeding Subaru.

Seeing your face turns red.

She feels a little hesitation inside, a voice saying "... RockMan RockMan ...", but soon this hesitation is eliminated, and she surrenders to Subaru.

"Luna, I-"

"I told you to shut up. Just close your eyes. "

Subaru has no choice. There has, yes, he does not want it to be prevented. He wants that. He feels he wants, but always hesitate. He also hears a voice inside you that always says "RockMan! RockMan!

Inside his mind, moves away from Subaru RockMan, smiling. It all comes back to reality, and Subaru already finds himself being kissed by Luna. He finds it all very strange, but at the same time, good. Luna slowly takes the hand of Subaru, and ends the kiss.

"Just so you understand. This does not mean we're lovers. I just like very, very ... A LOT of you. And about what you exclude from the BrotherBand ... Sorry, okay? "

Subaru was speechless. He could only move his head in affirmation. His face was so red that came to the point of shining. Finally, the door makes a noise that unlocks.Luna's hand loose Subaru, and pushes the door opening. She grabs her backpack, and go out and see Subaru still standing there. She takes his hand and leads him out.

"Come on, pillar of salt."

Finally, the exit door opens. Subaru and Luna leave, and several students around them.

"What happened there?"

"They were arrested?"

"Subaru, Luna okay?"

"Calm down people. The Subaru is not well. I'll take him home. Everyone go home Now Let the Satellite Police take care of it later. "

Luna pulls Subaru, and runs with it. From the top of the school building, is War-Rock, arms folded.

"I think I succeeded."

Subaru Luna leaves home. Akane hugs his son, and thanks Luna. The girl smiles, and goes to his house.

Hours later, it's night. Christmas Eve. At the home of Subaru, are some people, relatives and friends. Subaru Amachi was with trying to fix the furnace, which once again broke down due to viruses. Quickly the two service, and the bell rings. Akane will attend, and running back, pulling the blouse Subaru, passing a wet cloth on your face, that was dirty with smoke from the oven. She makes the hair of her son, straightens his clothes and smiles.

"What was the mother?"

"She's here!"

"She who?"

"You know that girl, the President."


"Yes! And she came with a gift that surely is for you. Okay, now you're neat. Go on. "

Akane Subaru pushes toward the door. His legs were stuck. His face was so red it looked like a traffic light. Akane finally able to leave Subaru at the door, staring at Luna, a bit lost.


"Ahem ..."

"... O. .."

"Good evening, Hoshikawa-kun. Do not invite me to come in? "

"Y-you ... Whether ... En-come? "

"Of course! Thank you. "

Luna is directed inwards, waving to people. Begins a conversation among the people that she is the girlfriend of Subaru. A distant relative of Subaru, maybe an aunt, sitting next to Luna, and smiled at her, until his expression changes to anger seriously, and she squeezes the arm of the sofa.

"What are your intentions with my Subaru?"


Luna rises rapidly and will seek Subaru.

"Err ... Owner Akane ... "

"Call me Akane, President."

Luna thinks to herself "to his mother?"

"Erh ... You can call me Luna. "

"Right. What happened, Luna? "

"Where's Hoshikawa-kun?"

"It's in his room. You can go there, that door is blue. "


Luna enters the room of Subaru, and sees him sitting on his bed, staring at the sky, stars. Luna sits beside him, and delivering the same box in the morning on your hands.

"Subaru-kun ..." "I know, is to give pro RockMan.

"... Well, I'll see you tomorrow, right? "


Luna smiles, blushes and hugs Subaru.

"Merry Christmas, Subaru-kun."

"Erh ... Merry Christmas, Luna-chan. "

Luna was quick to kiss Subaru again, only this time it is faster than the boy, and when he finds himself, she is already leaving the room.

"Good evening. And until tomorrow. "

"Go- Goodnight. "

Subaru hesitate to open the box, but soon realizes it is for RockMan obviously is for him, since he is RockMan. It opens and finds the same frame with the glass again, only this time without the picture of Luna with RockMan. That was just a picture of Luna, smiling, as Subaru had ever seen. Luna had perhaps taken from the home, shortly after they arrived from school. He realizes the girl colored in the picture, and smiled, reading something written in the corner.


I hope you enjoy the present. Save with great affection. The history you give a gift for RockMan-sama was a joke. You're supposed to.

With love,
Luna. "

Subaru runs a hand in the picture, until a voice interrupted. It was someone humming something. He places his viewer and see War-Rock.

"Good job."

"It was nothing. I failed on Valentine's Day. You are tough nut to crack, you know boy?Well, good night, and as you humans say, Merry Christmas. "

"Where you going?"

"It does not matter."

War-Rock disappears, and Subaru will look back at the picture.

Meanwhile, on top of a building.

"It was good to let them arrested. But I would prefer to stay there Misora ​​with Subaru. "

"Oh, shut up Harp."

"Hihihi ..."


"That such a pro Subaru Luna said this before kissing him ... You're not ... "

"Now, do not talk nonsense."

Harp just laughs and stares at the stars.

The image will be away until ...

"I still prefer the Misora."

"... Harp."


"We get someone to Misora. Relax. "


"What humans call Easter, who knows. She likes chocolate? "


"Right. Take Misora ​​the mall. I take Kizamaro. "

"The Kizamaro? You're crazy, huh? "

"Wow, this kid is cool, even."

"No way! Misora ​​can not stay there, confined with him! "

"... Then who?"

"I think the Tsukasa’s cool."

"You're weird, Harp."

"Thank you ... I think. "

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