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This is my first fan fiction so I put a lot of effort in it. There might be some grammar mistakes, but don’t looked too much at them. Hope you like it.

The Other Side of the Feelings

“Today we are going to have a transfer student from England, his name is, well I don’t remember it now, but lets listen to him” Said Ikuta-sensei, Subaru was a little concerned about that, so he took out his star carrier and wrote a mail that said “Inchou, Did you know about the new transfer student?” Several minutes passed and he got a response that said “Of course, I’m in charge of all these things, I knew about the transfer student about a week ago” Subaru read this and he wrote another message “Oh I see” Said the message and almost at the moment he got another one from Luna “Stop sending mails or we are going to get in trouble, and I cant get in trouble, do you understand?” Subaru return the message with a simple yes in it.
The new student entered the classroom, he was medium high and was wearing formal clothes “Hello, my name is Takayama Hirotaka, but you can call me Hirotaka, there’s no need of formalities”
“It’s a pleasure that you are here with us, I would have to ask the Inchou if she show the school to him later”
“Don’t worry; I’m going to take care of it” Said Luna with a big smile that was returned by Hirotaka, suddenly Luna blushed “What did Luna saw in that kid anyway, she is all nervous around him” Said Subaru to himself “Are you jealous Subaru?” Asked War-Rock –What are you talking about; I’m not jealous about anything!” Shouted Subaru, all of his classmates were looking at him, some of them were almost going to laugh “Is there something wrong, Subaru-kun?” Asked Ikuta-sensei “No, sorry” Said quietly “Your face is red Subaru”

“Just shut up War-Rock”
“I’m going to think about that”.

The class end and everyone left the classroom, except Luna, Hirotaka and Subaru, he was just pretending to pack his books but all he wanted to do was to follow them “You were acting weird since that kid smile to Luna, is there a chance that you lik…”

“Don’t even say it, I just feel weird about him, like if he is hiding something”

“You are right about one thing, he has a strong aura around him, I can feel it, be careful, we don’t know what his intentions are, but that’s not the point, you are not worried about he, you are worried about Luna, and, when did you star to call her by her name, you always says Inchou and not Luna, I don’t really understand the feelings of humans but I’m sure that you…”

“Don’t finish that sentence, and stop talking about that”
“Maybe I will consider it”
“I don’t understand you sometimes”

“Who are you talking to, Hoshikawa-kun?” Subaru turn quickly and saw Luna and Hirotaka “Ah, with no one” Said Subaru “Well, don’t forget to do your homework, see you tomorrow” Replied Luna whit a little smile “See you tomorrow Inchou” Both Luna and Hirotaka left the classroom.

The next day

Subaru wake up early and wait for his friends, but only Gonta and Kizamaro were there “What happened with Inchou?”
“She told us that she got some other things to do with Hirotaka-kun” Answered Kizamaro “She said something about the school or something” Added Gonta “I see”

“Is there a problem?”

“N…no, nothing” The group got to school and get in the classroom, Luna and Hirotaka were there talking, Subaru felt something in the inside, some desperation covenanted with sadness, but he keep that feeling inside him. The class started but Subaru could only thing about Luna, he never think about her like that before, and when he remembered her talking with Hirotaka, a really big sadness go around his body, seen them really happy talking together “Maybe War-Rock is right, I think that I'm jealous” Said Subaru to himself “Finally you understand Subaru”

“Al right War-Rock, you were right, but, maybe if I become Rockman she will remember me”

“That’s not going to happened, she still is in denied, remember, she thingk that her Rockman-sama is a someone else that you, Subaru”

“Then, what can I do?”

“Don’t ask me” Subaru continue thinking about all the problems and the class ended in a moment. Ikuta-sensei leave the classroom an Hirotaka approach to The four friends “As a thank you for been nice to my I like you to come to my house tomorrow after the school” Said Hirotaka wile looking at Luna, Subaru then feel more sad than before.

The Next day

The four friend headed to the direction that he give them, it was a huge mansion that rise in the middle of a giant yard, whit fountains everywhere and tall trees “Be careful Subaru, there’s this presence again”
“There’s nothing here, just the garden and the mansion, nothing else”

“Just be careful” Subaru keep walking with his friends “This place is great, don’t you think?” Asked Luna “I don’t see anything special, it looks like the outside of you house Inchou”

“That’s true, but its better in some level, besides, Hirotaka-kun said that this house was made a long time ago” Subaru felt like if a solid block of steal just crushes him, he was sick with the name Hirotaka, but he didn’t say anything. They arrive and entered a salon than was bigger than the house of Subaru; there were lots of corridors and doors “What do you think? This house was build by my grandfather when my father was jus a child” Said Hirotaka “This is amazing!” Mentioned Kizamaro “The whole saloon is bigger than my house!” Said Gonta, Hirotaka just smile with the comments “Feel free to see all the house, I have something to do first, sorry” Hirotaka cross the saloon and pass a door “Come on, lets see everything” Everyone start to walk except Subaru “Aren’t you coming?” Asked Luna “I will reach you latter, I’m going to see the back garden” Subaru Said “Fine, see you latter” Subaru got out of the house “Kizamaro, Gonta, go ahead, I think that a will see the back garden too” Luna also got out of the house and follow Subaru.

“This is also huge” Said War-Rock “Did you listen to me”

“Sorry War-Rock”

“I don’t understand you, if you like her why didn’t you tell her”

“Because I’m not sure if it’s true that I like her”

“You surly are a tough one” Said a voice from the back, Subaru turn rapidly and see Hirotaka behind him “Where you listening?” Asked Subaru “Of course, and, it’s a pleasure to meat you War-Rock, now I Understand why I feel a strong energy around you”

“What are you talking about?” In that moment a tower of flames came out of the earth Subaru looked up in the sky and saw someone flouting “Finally I have found you” Said the mysterious shadow “Who is he”

“He’s name is Omega, he is a friend that lose to a EM life form and became that, I came here looking from him and try to help him” Answered Hirotaka “What are you talking about, I want to fight” Said Omega “I will face you, lets go War-Rock”

“You don’t have to tell me twice”

“Denpa-Henkan, Hoshikawa Subaru, on air!” Said Subaru while a green light wrap him.

“You must be Rockman, but this isn’t your fight, come on Hirotaka, show him your real power” Said Omega “Subaru, don’t fight with him, he is mine, Magtren, lets go”

“All Right”

“Now I get it, that kid has a EM life form with him” Said War-Rock in the same moment that a red light appear around Hirotaka, suddenly, a red armor appear in front of them, it has a long blonde hair and a green, semitransparent sword “My partner is Magtren and while I’m in Denpa-Henkan my name is Zent” Zent attack Omega with his saber while Rockman just see “He can Denpa-Henkan too” Said Subaru “What’s going on, ah Rockman-sama!” Luna was there looking at everything “Inchou, be careful!” An immense shoot of fire was heading towards to Luna, Rockman run and stop that shoot with his body, protecting Luna “Rockman-sama!” Shouted Luna while running toward him, Subaru lost his Denpa-Henkan and the Inchou saw him unconscious in the ground, she looked at him and the passed out, Subaru woke up and saw Luna on the ground, he tried to wake her up but he couldn’t, then he saw how Omega ran away, Hirotaka appeared at his side in his normal clothes “He got away”

“Can you explain all this?”

“Of course, im here following him, and I’m still following him”

“And what about Luna, I mean, Inchou”

“There’s nothing uncommon, why?”


“I think that I know what’s going on here, don’t worry, Luna is my cousin, besides, I have a girlfriend in England, so you can asked her out”

“Wha…t are you talking about, I have no feeling for her”

“You two are not so different from each other, you are also in denied, well, there’s a time and a moment from everything, but let me tell you one thing, the power and the responsibly are taken by the hand, I hope that you use that power to protect her” Hirotaka give Luna a little smile and then left.
Luna finally wake up and stand up really quickly “Rockman-sama, where are you!?” Asked Luna “I’m right here”

“No, you are not my Rockman-sama, where did he go?”

“She is still in denied, I cant believe it” Said War-Rock”

“It does not matter, I feel better right now that everything is back to normal”

“No, you are happy because you find out that Hirotaka was Luna’s cousin”

“That’s not true”

“Of course it's true, your face is red, you like her”

“No I don’t”

“Of course you are”

“Just shut up War-Rock”

“Now you look like a tomato”

“I said shut up”

“Now you talk exactly like her”

“Alright I give up, you win I’m not going to beat a persistent alien never” Said Subaru whit a smile in his face “At least everything is back to normal” He thought wile he was looking at Luna.

The End.

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