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Hey all! It's me again, the one who wrote the other two anonymous fan fiction. This one will not be a one shot and won't be sappy either, thus the rating. There will be swearing and many other "touchy" subjects as I'm taking a bigger view on things. If you are uncomfortable with abuse, possible rape (I have yet to decide on this), sexual innuendo, and swearing, please do not read this story. Thank you. It may seem rushed at first as I'm doing through a different direction of telling it (with more flash backs and moving on rather than everything in detail).

IMPORTANT: This fanfiction is rated PG-13+

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Behind Olive Eyes - Chapter 1

"Hello. My name is Shirogane Luna. I'm sixteen years old and I attend Kodama City High School. I've gone through a lot over the years, more than most kids would at this age. My parents started leaving me alone as early as three years old. When I was ten, an incident happened that finally got them to realize that it wasn't right to treat me as a doll, rather than my own person and things finally started looking up, all thanks to Hoshikawa Subaru, a boy who I'm now close friends with. Things were great for a while, we'd have fun together, but soon, everything took a turn for a worse. It seems it ended up being too late for them to change and now I'm stuck suffering, more than I ever could. But it's not his fault, no, the only person to blame is myself, after all, maybe I'm just not good enough."

Luna twitched as she carefully put on her baggy turtleneck sweater. Putting on some loose jogging pants, she made sure she looked okay in the mirror. She knew she shouldn't be wearing something casual, but it was cold out and she was sick of freezing wearing a short work skirt and a pair of tights. Rules were important to her, but she didn't want to constantly look like she was going to a job interview. Checking her curls, she made sure they were the same as always. Her hair was possibly the only thing that stayed the same. Grabbing her bag and putting on her Class President badge, she headed off to school.

It was only a few minutes away and as usual, she was one of the first in the class. The only others there already were Subaru and the teacher. She never understood why Subaru had started coming in early, around the time she would, but Luna never asked. She just enjoyed his company.

"Luna-chan, Good morning!"

"Good morning, Hoshikawa-kun." Luna responded, a smile on her face. He was the only one who could make her smile lately. While they had gotten on a first name basis, she still never had the courage to say his name aloud.

"Still?" Subaru asked, watching her curiously as she took her seat next to him.

"I'll get used to it eventually."

"It's been three years."


"It shouldn't take this long." Subaru groaned.

"You're just a jerk. I don't understand why you keep coming early lately."

"I just felt like it. It's not like you come and make sure I'm up anymore."

"I stopped that four years ago."

"And you never did explain why. You threw Kizamaro-kun and Gonta-kun off for months."

"I just felt like I shouldn't have to anymore." Luna said softly, her gaze turning elsewhere.

Subaru quickly noticed the sudden change in her mood, which is part of why he started coming early. It had been happening a lot recently. Grabbing her wrist softly to get her to look at him, he watched as she wince slightly. "Are you okay?"

"Erm...yeah, I'm fine." She responded, still trying to avoid his eyes. He began to fidget slightly with her sleeve, to make sure, when she quickly pulled back. "I told you, I'm fine."

'Luna...' Subaru thought softly to himself, looking at the blonde haired girl beside him.

Their time together was short-lived as Misora came bursting in with a few other classmates behind her. "Subaru-kun, morning!"

"Morning, Misora-chan." Subaru greeted, as Misora gave him a pat on the back. She hadn't changed much, but had taken a break from her singing career again to finish high school. Most guys had shown interest in her due to her athletic body and the fact that she was a pop idol. She took her seat on the other side of Subaru as a boy came over and began sweet talking to her. While Misora enjoyed flirting a bit, she had yet to get a boyfriend, longing for Subaru to hopefully ask her one day.

Luna sighed as a boy headed toward her desk. "Hey, Goldilocks, how about we take a trip to the mall after school?" He asked, with a wink.

"How" Luna responded, looking away. Subaru couldn't help but snicker. Luna managed to get a few requests as well, due to her curvaceous figure. She never really flirted or even been on a small date with a guy. Her heart was given away years ago to Subaru, he just hadn't realized it yet.

As the teacher ushered all the kids to take their seats, class soon began. It seemed to drag on, after all, class wasn't as "fun" nowadays. Luna felt eyes on her and turned, noticing Subaru had been staring at her. "What is it?" She whispered, a bit nervous.

"Are you sure you're okay?"

"I already told you I'm fine!"

"Any reason for the sudden outfit change then?"

"It was cold out. That's all." Luna said softly. It was true after all.

Subaru sighed, feeling like asking anymore would just be as futile as the first time. Her defensive front had grown and something told him she was hiding so much more than she was letting on.

A few hours passed, signaling lunch period. Luna sighed, as boring as school happened to be as each grade passed, she wished it would last longer, dreading to head back home. Hopefully she could be perfect for their rules before they got home... Otherwise, it wouldn't be a pretty sight at all... Luna placed her hand to her head as she walked towards the cafeteria. She had started feeling dizzy some time ago and it had quickly worsened.

Luna headed toward her usual seat, when she suddenly felt her legs give out under her. Closing her eyes, afraid of the impact, she opened a few moments later to find she hadn't hit the floor at all. If anything, she was caught, by none other than her hero for the last six years, Hoshikawa Subaru.

"Are you sure you're doing okay today?"

"I told you, I'm fine!" Luna exclaimed, still resting her head to his chest.

"Shirogane-san! What are you doing?!" Misora exclaimed, grabbing the girl's arm and taking her right out of Subaru's embrace. "Sheesh, hanging onto guys that aren't even yours."

"I wasn't doing that..." Luna mumbled, trying to hide the pain from Misora's grip. "He just caught me, okay?"

"Whatever." Misora remarked, shoving the girl towards a wall. While it wasn't that hard, for Luna, it felt like needles as she hit the wall.

"Misora-chan, what was the point of that?" Subaru asked, his arms crossed. She and Luna had never got along, but they rarely got physical. He looked back toward Luna and his eyes widened as he watched her eyes close as she fell to the floor. "Somebody get the nurse!"

"Shirogane-san...Shirogane-san..." The Nurse said softly, trying to wake the girl. "Are you alright?"

"Where am I?" Luna asked softly, rubbing her eyes.

"The nurse's office." Subaru explained, popping out from behind the nurse. "You and Misora-chan got into a small argument and yeah..."

"Well, now that you're awake, why don't I check you out? I couldn't do anything while you were unconscious..." The Nurse started. "Hoshikawa-kun, if you wouldn't mind stepping outside..."

"I don't need to be checked out at all! I'm fine! Luna exclaimed, jumping off the bed. She headed to the door, but was stopped by Subaru.

"Look, at least have lunch here, okay?" Subaru said, holding up her bag.

"Fine...but, I don't need to be checked out, I feel perfectly okay." Luna lied. She felt incredibly sore.

The nurse was going to protest, but shook her head. She'd just have to go talk to the girl's parents about it. "Well, I'll be right back then. You two are welcome to eat here, but only eat."

Luna rolled her eyes. Teachers always seemed to assume the worst.

"So, are you going to continue lying to us or tell us the truth?" War Rock asked. He had finally learned to behave himself somewhat, but was still full of snide remarks.

"I'm not lying! Sheesh..." Luna groaned, taking a bite of her food. "You know, we could just follow you and you wouldn't even know." War Rock stated.

"I could see you with that enhancement from Amachi-san's lab, you know, so don't even try it." Luna quickly stated, before turning back around. "Do you even do that?! You're disgusting!" She exclaimed, smacking the boy in the head. "God!"

"Hey! I don't do that! War Rock is just being an ass like always."

"Hey! Like you've never thought of it!"

"I haven't!" Subaru exclaimed, his face turning red.

"Who would you look at anyway?" Luna blurted out.

"W-What?" Subaru stuttered, surprised at the question. Luckily, he was saved from answering as the nurse opened the door.

"Well, Shirogane-san, it seems your parents were home for once! I gave them a call and they asked for you to be sent home right away, okay? So I have your bag here and..." The Nurse continued on, but Luna heard none of it. Her face went pale and she began to shake.

Subaru quickly noticed the sudden change within her. She looked as if she was scared to death. "Could I walk her home?" Subaru quickly asked.

"They asked her to walk home completely alone. Sorry, Hoshikawa-kun."

Before Subaru could say anything, Luna quickly got up and grabbed her bag. He swore he saw tears falling down her cheeks. "Bye Subaru-kun. I'll see you tomorrow."

'She called me Subaru...' He thought softly to himself, but quickly shook his head, realizing the importance of the situation. Running towards the door, he yelled her name, but she had already ran off.

Subaru let out a heavy sigh, feeling beyond worried for the girl. He wondered what was with her reaction over the news. Walking towards class, he wondered if he should try following her. "You're worried about her, aren't you?"


"Well, why not go after her?"

"Are you insane? I can't do that." Subaru stated softly.

"Of course you can, come on! It's been a while, why not?"

Subaru sighed, normally he wouldn't agree with this, but his worry for the girl overpowered that. "Denpa-Henkan, Hoshikawa Subaru, On Air!"

End Chapter 1

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