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I've been busy lately ^^; So sorry for the delay, but yes, this was a request :D A Sequel to my Valentine's Day fan fiction! So, I figured, "Why not?"

For those who don't know what White Day is, well, in Japan, on Valentine's Day, only the girls give guys chocolate. A month later on March 14th (called White Day), all the guys who got chocolate give the girl(s) who gave them the chocolate a present and usually some chocolate (it began with white chocolate, but now any will do). It's kind of a cute Thank you thing that is all about the girls ^_^

White Day

Subaru took a deep breath as he finished his breakfast, still taking in the date. 'March 14th'. A month had passed from Valentine's Day and Subaru still wasn't sure what to do. Sure, he was able to give Misora her chocolate a bit early and hang out a bit, after all, they were friends, but with Luna...he still had no idea what to do.

Resting his head in his hands, he tried to think of what to do. She did say to give it to Rockman, right? That would mean Luna would expect Rockman, not Subaru as himself at the door...but the chocolate said otherwise, which would mean she wanted Subaru as himself, not Rockman. 'If she wanted to give it to me, why didn't she just say so?!' Subaru thought to himself as he slammed his head face down onto the table. 'Girls are confusing.'

"Subaru-kun, are you alright?" Akane asked, finally finished up washing the dishes.

"Y-yeah, fine. Just thinking of what to do for today..."

"Oh right! My little boy is finally growing up and getting chocolate from admirers! I bet you'll make a girl really happ--"

"Mom, please!" Subaru interrupted, his face a deep crimson. "I bet the chocolates were just friendly."

"Not true! Didn't you say one was hand made? That says something and I noticed the wrapper of the other."

"You're not making this any easier."

"I'm sorry, Subaru-kun, but I'm sure you'll think of something." Akane smiled, giving her son a pat on the head. "I have to head out with some friends today, so I'll see you tonight, okay?"

"Yeah. That's fine. Bye Mom."

"Bye, sweetie! And with that, Akane left, leaving the confused boy behind.

"WHY IS THIS SO HARD?!" Subaru exclaimed, holding his head in his hands.

"Well, somebody is stressed." War Rock stated.

"I just don't want to mess up. I mean, I don't even know what she wants to see."

"Well, go as yourself and if she slams the door in your face, then she obviously wants to see Rockman."

"That is the stupidest idea I've ever heard." Subaru paused, before continuing. "It just might work though."

Subaru figured it was worth a shot, after all, he had no other ideas. Putting away the chocolate and a small teddy bear her had bought the other day into a bag, he decided to head onto Luna's house, the quickest way too.

"Denpa-Henkan, Hoshikawa Subaru, on air!"

A green light engulfed the young boy and revealed itself a few seconds later. With that, he headed straight up out of the house, with War Rock holding the bag tightly. While Subaru usually would just walk, he figured the sooner, the better, because if he knew Luna well enough, she'd be timing how long it took, especially if she was expecting her "Rockman-sama". It was only a few seconds later when the Wave Road had hit her house, heading down to the front of her door, he quickly was back to normal. He rang the door bell once and then waited, bag behind his back. It was more than obvious it was a bit nervous.

It took a few minutes, but somebody finally arrived at the door. Luna's hair was down, her nightgown still on. Rubbing her eyes, she started "I'm sorry, my parents aren't home an--" Luna paused as she opened her eyes and realized who was there. "HOSHIKAWA-KUN?!"

"H-Hi, Inchou..."

"What are you doing here?!"


But Luna knew why. She didn't think he'd come, after all, she probably confused him and even more so, Luna knew she had the tendency to annoy him. She couldn't help but feel happy that he had come though, that is, until she realized she wasn't dressed. Luna felt her face suddenly become flushed as a nervous feeling quickly took over. "L-look, neve-nevermind th-that, just c-come in, okay?" Luna stuttered as she grabbed Subaru's hand and quickly dragged him inside.

Subaru was dragged into a large sitting room that he had recognized once before. Though, the last time he was dragged in, he happened to be "Rockman", not "Subaru".

"I'll be right back, so just take a seat where you'd like, okay?" Luna said quickly. Before Subaru could even answer, Luna had ran back out in a rush.

"I wonder what her problem is..." War Rock complained as Subaru took a seat.

"Maybe she really wasn't expecting me..."

"She didn't look like she was expecting anyone."

"Well, it is sort of early..."

"She's up at the crack of dawn."

"Maybe she wasn't feeling well."

"Like her feeling okay would make any difference?"

"War Rock, just be nice."

"Fine, whatever."

"I can't believe this!" Luna complained as she quickly went through her closet for clothes, trying to do her hair at the same time. "Something perfect for today..."

She continued looking, feeling frustrated she hadn't prepared herself. Normally, Luna would have everything prepared no matter the situation, but today, she just wanted to pretend it didn't exist. Sure, she thought there was no way Subaru would stop by, but for that very reason, she felt somewhat hurt and kind of just wanted to get it off her mind. Luna couldn't help and feel pleased that he actually did come, but she was beyond frustrated with herself as she continued to make herself "perfect".

Subaru leaned his head back. It had been almost an hour or so now.

"Maybe she ran away so she wouldn't have to see you." "...It's her own house, War Rock. She could've just kicked me out."

"Still, I stand by my theory."

Subaru sighed, but quickly looked up as her heard the door open. A cart was being pushed in, tea on top, and behind it was Luna. Placing it next to the table, she quickly moved the teapot and cups off the tray and onto the table. "I'm sorry for the delay..." Luna said softly, as she poured the tea before taking a seat next to him.

Subaru took a quick look at her. She was wearing a long-sleeved, short, light pink dress with white tights and pink flats. A Pink bow worn in her hair in her usual style.

Before Subaru could ask, Luna could already tell and answered. "It's a holiday. Of course I have to dress in something fitting."

"You didn't dress for Valentine's Day."

"It was a school day. I had to dress appropriately for my class president duties." Luna explained, placing some sugar and milk in her tea. "Would you like--"

"It's alright, I can do it." Subaru said with a smile as he took care of his own tea. He watched as Luna placed her hands in her lap, her back up straight, not even touching the back of the seat. Here she was, doing for him than he was doing for her and it was supposed to be a day for her and other girls. Subaru seemed to be failing beyond words.

"" Subaru finally got out, handing her the bag.

Luna's eyes widened as she accepted the bag. She was surprised enough he even came to visit, now he brought gifts too. Luna felt blood rush towards her face, leaving a pink tint in her cheeks. "Th-thank you..." Luna managed to get out as she stuck her hand into the bag and pulled out it's contents.

A Teddy Bear and a small box of chocolate. Subaru seemed nervous, but Luna just smiled as she placed the bear next to her and opened the box of chocolate, placing it on the table between them.

"Do you like it or...?" Subaru asked softly, not sure why he felt so nervous.

Luna gave a reassuring nod as she ate one of the chocolate. "You can have some too." She said softly, after she swallowed.

"Are you sure? I mean, they're for you..."

"But you bought them. It's fine, really." Luna's eyes were shining. Subaru had never seen her look happier and yet seeing her with such a sweet expression made his heart pound.

Despite this, time quickly passed as they enjoyed the small box of chocolate and the tea. Just talking a bit and laughing. It was something Subaru had never actually managed to do with Luna. It seemed that tough wall she put up had disappeared and he was seeing the true Luna, someone not trying to impress, but just be herself.

"Oh, hey, Inc--"

"Luna. It's odd to be called that out of school." Luna explained, though, truthfully, she just wanted him to say her name."

"Then, erm, Luna-chan, about last month...the chocolate...umm..." Subaru stuttered. He couldn't figure out how to ask and as he saw Luna's expression change, her eyes filled with something like despair or fear, he figured it wasn't the right thing to ask. "Look, if you don't want to answer, it's fine, we can just talk about it some other time. No reason to get upset." Subaru tried to reassure her.

"N-no, it's okay..." Luna said softly. She turned to look at him, her olive eyes still shining, though, a sad feeling hidden in them, rather than the sparkling glow from before. "...Rockman-sama." She finished, just above a whisper. "Or should I say, Hoshikawa Subaru-kun."

"L-Luna-chan..." Subaru started, but then realized something. "Wait, then..."

"The chocolate was for you. I spent all night on it, making sure it was perfect." Luna stated softly. "Silly, isn't it?"

"No, of course not. Why would it be?"

Luna didn't answer. She wasn't sure how to answer. "Did you get any chocolate from anyone else?" Luna blurted out.

Subaru was a bit confused, but answered. "Yeah."



Luna felt her heart drop. "Then shouldn't you...?"

"I did something with her yesterday."


"We just went to the mall and hung out. Nothing too special."

"Well, yes, but I meant why did you do something with her yesterday...?"

"Someone sure is nosy." War Rock remarked.

"Shush!" Luna exclaimed, glaring at Subaru's transer.

"Not like you can do anything."

"You are so rude, War Rock."

"Told you she has just been in denial."

Luna just sighed, feeling frustrated, not to mention somewhat childish. After all, she was arguing with Subaru's transer, though, Luna did feel there was more she could say.

"Look, ignore him." Subaru quickly said, glaring at War Rock. "I figured it'd be easier to make one day for you, that's all."

Luna turned her eyes away from him, a bit confused how she was feeling. She was asking so many questions and every answer either made her heart drop or float, sometimes it felt like both instances occurred.

"Luna-chan...?" Subaru asked softly, waving his hand in front of her face.

"Wh-what?" Luna asked softly. 'Calm down! He's just asking questions, no reason to get nervous.'

"You just seemed nervous, that's all. You're okay, right?"

"Yeah, I'm fine."

"Would you like to do anything special?" Subaru suddenly asked. He felt they should do something, especially for the day, but he couldn't help feeling quite nervous, for reasons Subaru couldn't even understand.

"It's up to you. After all, I didn't expect you to be here." Luna stated truthfully.

"But it's--"

"She has a point, you should be deciding Subaru."

"See, look, even War Rock agrees with me."

Subaru quickly felt his face brighten. "That's not fair!" But he couldn't help but feel relief as he heard Luna laugh, something he didn't see her do very often. At that moment, he got an idea. "You like going new places, right?"

"Yeah, though, I never get to go to any of the places with my parents..."

Luna began to trail off as Subaru smiled, finally getting an idea. "Denpa-Henkan, Hoshikawa Subaru, On Air!" As he was engulfed by a green light, Luna turned to look at him. This was the second time she had seen him change to Rockman, even if the first she thought it was just a dream."

Luna didn't know what to say, her heart started to beat faster. It really was true, Hoshikawa Subaru happened to be "Her Rockman-sama".

"I thought of something we could do, if you want to, of course..."

Luna looked confused as he motioned for her to sit up. "Hold on, okay?" Luna gave an appropriate nod as he picked her up and they went out, straight off to go explore.

'He's doing this...for me?' Luna thought to herself as she looked at her surroundings. Here she was, in his arms, being flown through the sky. Her heart raced and her face blushed deeply. This was going to be a day she'd never forget.

The day managed to pass quickly as night arrived. Bringing the blonde haired girl down in front of the entrance to her house, Subaru changed back. "Did you have fun?"

"Y-yeah..." Luna stuttered. She never had somebody go out of the way like that for her before. Luna felt as if she was floating on a cloud, she had never felt so free, so special, as she did at that very moment. Before Subaru could say another word, she hugged him tightly, causing a blush to streak across his face. "Thank you again, Subaru-kun." She whispered. Letting the confused boy out of her grasp, she just smiled before closing her eyes and giving Subaru a peck on the cheek.

"I'll see you on Monday!" Luna quickly called as she ran inside, before Subaru could say a thing.

Subaru just smiled as he watched the door close behind her and put his hand up to his cheek.

"What are you smiling and blushing about?" War Rock finally interrupted.

"Nothing!" Subaru exclaimed as he began to head home.

"Uh-huh. Suuuure, looks like you have a girlfriend."

"She's not my girlfriend!"

"Sure she's not."

"She's not!"

"Whatever you say. Let's go home then, King of Denial."

"I'm not denying anything!"


"War Rock!"

War Rock just grinned and laughed though as the green light returned and Subaru headed home, straight on the wave road.

End of Story~

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