Rockman.EXE: Operate Shooting Star

This section includes all hints from the crossover game.

Total Proof: 5

1. Luna gets really shocked/upset when Dr. Yoirī says that she can't be sure that Subaru will be able to return.
2. As Subaru/Rockman gets ready to leave, Luna calls out to him to stop him and while she starts to just use "Rockman", she switches to calling him Subaru and tells him to make sure he comes back and says that's an order.
3. After Subaru leaves, Luna once again says his actual name clearly worried for him.
4. When EXE Rockman calls Harp Note Subaru's "special someone", Subaru explains for her to not look much into it and shrugs it off. While EXE Rockman feels he maybe just hasn't realized anything, we've seen him get embarrassed and blush before with these types of things so it's more likely he meant it genuinely that it wasn't anything more than friendship he felt for Misora.

5. During the credit sequence, when Subaru/Rockman and Misora/Harp Note return, Luna steps away and turns around before turning back a bit blushy and angry/jealous-- it's possible it's a combination of seeing Rockman and Harp Note close or her general worry considering she apparently waited there along with the others for him to return..