Ryuusei no Rockman 3

This section includes all hints from the third game and are the hints I consider to be the major part, as even though the anime came out before the game, please remember the game was in developement first and the anime was shown to help get people excited for it.

Total Proof: 166

The Beginning

1. When Geo talks to Zack, he asks about where Luna headed off to.
2. Luna gets mad/worried at Geo after running off after class causing her to call him.
3. Luna is very upset with Geo showing up late at the snack shop.
4. Luna gets upset/nervous/guilty when she sees Geo looking upset about it.
5. Luna instantly forgives him when he gives her a reason.
2. Upon hearing that Geo got sidetracked because of EM viruses, Luna says: “So you turned into my beloved Mega Man? If that’s the case, you should have come here as Mega Man! Why did you come here as just plain old Geo?”
3. Bud comments on Luna falling head over heels for Mega Man.
4. Luna: “I’ll say it again, Geo. I’m a fan of Mega Man, but I’m not a fan of either you or Omega-Xis. How is it possible that Mega Man is so amazing and cool, yet you are just a plain old kid?”
5. Geo feels sort of hurt from Luna's comment.
6. When War Rock is chasing Luna around, Subaru keeps turning around to keep his eyes on Luna.
7. Geo puts Mega back in the Hunter VG so he'll stop chasing Luna.
. Even after all this Geo-bashing, Luna apparently still has no problem including Geo in her Team as a Brother, even though her Brothers have been erased due to the OS update.
8. Geo comments on how nobody fits the job of Student Body President as well as Luna would.
9. Luna re-formed her Brother Band with Geo first, even stating it and everything. “Geo and I will re-form our Brother Bands first!”
10. Luna tells Geo that she looks forward to them being brothers for many years to come.
11. Geo was excited to hear the name Luna came up with.
12. Geo says that the school would be really fun with Luna as Student Body President, to which Mega replies that he’s “such a sucker”.
13. Luna stays behind when Zack and Bud leave.
14. As the gang goes to look for kids in need of help, Luna tells Geo that she’ll stand there and "Geo, let's work hard to fulfill our Purpose. Since I'm the leader, I'm going to stand here and watch you real hard."
15. Luna went looking for Geo after he headed off.
16. Zack tells Geo "So, Geo, what do you think about giving everything you've got to put a smile on Prez's face and get her elected student body president?" Notice he says "you've" and not "we've".
17. Luna appears to be worried about Geo’s well-being and tells him not to overexert himself.
18. As Geo finds a kid in need, Luna comes in and asks Geo if he found anything new. Mega asks if she's following him around. She responds with a "W-what? How dare you!" So that could either mean that she feels insulted or caught. Mega refuses to call it sheer luck (this is basically the third time already) and Luna responds with "Since Geo is unreliable, I've just been checking in on him from time to time!" "I can't let him mess up, because his mistake will hurt the whole Team!"
19. Luna thanks Geo and compliments him...which is a big thing knowing her.
20. Geo is willing to battle in the tournament for the Giga Card for Luna as he feels they need it to help her.
21. At one point during the first day of Star Force 3, Prima Occhio says: You know Geo, I can tell that Prez sometimes just gets lost in thought thinking about you. She gets this kind of lovey dovey look on her face. It's just a feeling I have, but I think she might like you!

The Spade Magnes Arc

1. Geo only mentions about getting back to Luna--not Bud and/or Zack.
2. Luna compliments Geo once again.
3. Luna asks Geo what he thinks about he situation rather than just throwing him in there.
4. Geo says he'll do whatever it takes to get the Giga Card [to help Luna].
5. Luna was willing not get the Giga-Energy Card she needed to help out another job (and therefore, win over more votes), if it meant that getting it would possibly end up hurting/causing harm to Geo. Exact quote: "We really need that Giga Card... But... It's not worth you getting hurt over..."
6. Geo tells Luna not to worry.
7. Luna lets Geo give the Giga Card to the Science Club.
8. Geo says how he's really glad he joined Luna's team.
9. Luna was again concerned about Geo's well-being when he wants to turn into Megaman to pulse into a rocket that could very well explode.
10. After establishing that Geo WAS going into the rocket, she refuses to leave the blast area ("If you're going, then I'm not leaving until you come back."), risking the same things that Geo does.
11. Luna tells Geo to come back safely.
12. Luna gives Geo a call once he gets in the rocket.
13. Luna calls Mega Man, "Geo" (with how much respect she has for Mega Man and supposedly not for Geo, this is a big thing) before correcting herself.
14. Luna gives Geo one last phrase of encouragement before hanging up.

The Diamond Ice Arc

1. Luna asks Geo, and only Geo, nobody else who was standing around, if she did something wrong to make Jack tell her off and run out.
2. Luna sends Geo a message about helping people, at the end she wrote: "Like the true leader I am, I'll be watching over your progress, Ge... I mean, Mega Man." Not only does she almost say Geo again, but she continues to watch him some more.
3. When Geo says they should check out all the sights, Luna has Mode (I refuse to call her Vogue. Seriously, just no) look for the best sights.
4. Geo says how he's sure Luna will be okay because she's a "Go-getter".
5. Luna is the one who convinces Lee to let Geo help save the show and join Lee's team even though it means he'd have to leave her team.
6. Luna feels upset that she can't help Geo. ("It looks like I'll just be in the way..."
7. Subaru continues to reference the group by "everyone else" except for Luna.
8. Luna took the seat next to Geo.
9. Luna once again tells Geo to be careful.
10. Geo puts his trust in Luna's hands only to take care of everyone while he is gone.
11. Geo compliments Luna about her way of speaking as she told the Satella Police Officers off.

The Club Strong Arc

1. Luna is upset that Geo couldn't come.
2. ...Then tries to cover it up by saying: "...Um, well, it's not like I especially wanted him to come with us or anything!! It's just my duty as class president to keep all classmates in mind!"
3. Luna then gets excited that Mega Man is coming.
4. Luna sends Geo a message saying she'll wait for him so to hurry up and get to Alohaha immediately.
5. Luna has Geo pick their new Purpose.
6. Geo tells Luna she looks really nice.
7. Luna giggles in response and thanks him.
8. Luna gets upset/discouraged when she sees Misora at Alohaha.
9. Luna tells Geo she's counting on him (not Mega Man) to get rid of the viruses.
10. Luna tells Geo to make sure to have fun.
11. The fact that Geo and Luna have more or less the same scene as Sonia proves that she really is an eligible date candidate.
12. Geo mentions Luna's handkerchief first out of the items (Please realize the order when fall is actually Sonia's in the middle though he mentions hers last so he does not say them in the same order).
13. If you pick to grab Sonia's bag, Luna gets really jealous and pissed off and just stays where the food is.
14. If you pick to grab Bud's shirt, Luna gets really jealous and pissed off and just stays where the food is.
15. If you pick to grab Luna's handkerchief, Subaru and Luna end out onto the pier together and Luna instantly grabs his hand. Subaru looks at her in surprise and then they both blush.
16. Luna says she took his hand because he looked a bit down and knew exactly what was troubling him.
17. Geo mentions that Luna can read him well.
18. Geo says he appreciates Luna.
19. Luna and Geo think back to when Luna found out he was Mega Man.
20. Luna goes on about how brave and cool Geo is as Mega Man.
21. Geo says to forgive him that her beloved hero is really a guy like him.
22. Luna tells Geo not to say that and says: "If I compare you now to when I first met you... You've... How do you say it...? You've really grown up. You're more confident and proud. More like Mega Man!"
23. Geo says he's doing his best and Luna says she knows and that she just really wants to express her gratitute to him.
24. She then says "Thank you, Geo..."
25. Geo asks if he did anything to which Luna responds: "My handerchief...My mother gave it to me, so it's very special." which causes Geo to ask if she's been getting along with her parents since "that time". Luna tells him she has and that it's all thanks to Mega Man. "Now that I think about it, that's all thanks to Mega Man as well. You saved me when those bad aliens used my emotions to control me."
26. The fact that Luna tells Geo that it was from her mother shows she has a lot of trust in him as with everyone else, she just said it was expensive, but confided this detail with Geo only.
27. Luna mentions how she feels useless, being unable to Wave-Change, unlike Sonia and Geo, saying that she never was part of the battles. ("...When I think about it, it seems that I'm always being saved... If only I could fight right beside you, like Sonia does." Geo disagrees, saying that if it wasn't for her, he would've given up being Megaman ages ago, for it was her who kept him motivated in the roughest of times. ("When my dad disappeared... It was you that got me to stop staying cooped up in my house and go to school. And you gave me the courage to keep fighting when I lost my confidence in battle... If I had never met you... I think that I would have given up on being Mega Man a long time ago. You're already fighting along side me, Prez. Much more than you realize...".
28. Luna is incredibly touched and nervous after he tells her that. ("G-Geo, I never knew you had it in you to say something in such a sweet way.") to which Geo responds that he's just telling her how he feels.
29. Luna says she understands and asks if that means he'll be happy to have her continue fighting along side him. Geo says "Yeah. Please never stop."
30. Geo then goes on to explain what Ace said: "It looks...It looks like another fight may be starting..." "Ace told me that there's a great disaster coming... And also that someday he will have to borrow Sonia and my powers..." Luna asks if that means he'll fight just because Ace told him to and that it could be a lie. Geo says that with everything happening, it seems to be true. Luna then agrees and says "If that's the case, then I'll fight along side you in my own way.".
31. Luna then says "We'll always be connected, no matter how terrible of a fight you are in." "Never forget that..."
32. Geo then thanks her and says "Let's fight together!"
33. Luna tells him that he can count on her.
34. Their scene on the pier in the longest of the three.
35. Luna tells Geo to come back safe.
36. Geo promises her that he'll come back safe.
37. Luna quickly runs over to Mega Man when she sees him with Jack Corvus, Joker, and Queen Virgo.
38. Geo warns Luna not to get any closer.
39. Luna actually apologizes and explains because it died down, she didn't know what to do. (and seemed to go to Geo to find out)
40. Joker says how Mega Man shares an important bond with Luna.
41. Geo says: "Don't you dare, Joker!! Don't even think about laying a finger on Prez!!"
42. Geo yells out "Prez" and quickly jumps in front of her and moves her, so the attack misses.
43. Geo says that if he wants to fight, fine, but not to bring innocent people into it and that "There's no reason to attack people like Strong or Luna!!" (Please realize he actually referred to her as Luna--not Prez, which he has not done since the first game.)
44. Mega tells Geo to calm down which shows Geo is getting really worked up over this now that Luna may be hurt too.
45. Geo goes on about how he'll fight and give everything he has as long as Luna isn't brought into it. (So don't bring Luna into this!)
46. Luna says Mega Man softly...and then says his name, Geo. While she has switched from Geo to Mega Man many times, it's rare, if ever, that she switches from Mega Man to Geo.
47. Geo screams out "Preeeeez!" and reaches towards her as she turns around and yells "Geo!" (Not Mega Man, but Geo).
48. Geo stares in shock before falling to his knees, speechless as Luna is killed.
49. Geo then stands up and says "Where are you, Prez...?" and then yells "Prez!! Answer me!! This can't be happening!! This can't be... This can't be..."

The Life 4 Luna Arc

1. Geo says he's not giving up and doesn't believe Luna is really gone. ("Do you really believe that Prez is gone!? ...I'm not giving up! I refuse to believe that she's gone!!"
2. When Zack starts to blame Geo, Mega says "What's wrong with you!? Do you know how much he's..." implying that Geo may be really upset/hurt on the inside.
3. Geo says that it's because he couldn't save her that it's why he's not going to give up.
4. Geo says how Luna's data signature isn't completely gone and that their brother bands, team, and purpose are still in tact which is proof that she isn't gone.
5. Geo says Luna will disappear for good if they give up with his Mad/Upset mugshot.
6. Geo's mom goes on about how she knows that Geo is very upset about Luna's disappearance, but should leave it to the adults. She continues to go on how about she knows Luna is very important to Geo.
7. Upon getting back to Alohaha, Geo reflects back on how he was just there with Luna. 8. He then thinks of what Luna would say if she was there: "Hey, Geo! This isn't the time to be depressed! Hurry up and turn into Mega Man and save me! OK!?" to which he smiles and laughs to himself and says/thinks: "That's just like Prez...!" and realizes it's time to get a move on and try not to be depressed.
9. This shows it's the fact that he knows how Luna would be cheering him on and encouraging him that he's not staying down and depressed curled into a ball in his room.
10. Dr. Goodall refers to Luna as Subaru's "dear friend".
11. Geo gets really upset when he learns that Luna could possibly be gone forever.
12. Despite this, Geo continues on saying he won't lose hope.
13. Geo is happy that she's looking into it and is going to try and repair some things despite the bad-ish news before.
14. Geo gets so excited about the fact that they can save Luna, the screen shakes. He then continues to go on about it. "We can save her! Did you guys hear that!? We can save Prez!!"
15. Mode goes on about how strong all their bonds are to her which are keeping her data intact--that includes Geo's.
16. Geo starts the Life 4 Luna team to "Get Luna Back"

The Queen Virgo Arc

1. After getting Luna Part F, Geo says "Prez... Hold on, Prez! I won't let you down...!"
2. Geo says they have no other options as they can't save Luna otherwise.
3. When the Luna reconstruction starts, Geo says: "Come on, Prez... You've got to come back!!"
4. Geo tells everyone to cheer on Luna.
5. Geo says he misses her.
6. ...And then yells out Prez.
7. The first cry Luna here's is from Geo.
8. Who's name she then says.

The Noise Arc

1. Luna doesn't yell at Geo and Zack due to all the trouble she caused that she barely remembers even though they forgot all about the Student Body President elections.
2. If you talk to Luna: "Be sure to make the rounds and greet everyone for me, Geo! I'll be right here keeping an eye on you!"
3. Luna tells Geo to be sure to come back when he finishes.
4. Geo says he'll do anything to help people and names Luna first. ("I'll do what I can to help! For people like Prez...")
5. When Luna is being attacked by viruses, she goes on to say how Mega Man will definitely come. ("A certain person will come. He always does...! He'll come... Mega Man will come...")
6. And on cue, there is Geo screaming "Preeez!!"
7. And after telling Zack he came, she gets all excited and yells his name back.
8. The first thing Geo says after battling is Sorry for missing the speech practice.
9. After Geo apologizes for missing the speech practice, Luna responds "Idiots...! You think that I don't understand that your work is more important!?"
10. Geo goes on about how Luna can count on him too.
11 Luna tells Geo that he better come back in one piece and that if he does anything stupid, she'll hurt him to which Geo responds "Got it!".
12. Luna actually listens to Geo and takes a deep breath to calm down like he said.
13. Geo seemed worried about how much Luna was freaking out.

The Jack Corvus Arc

1. Luna actually went to Geo's house to wake him and go to school with him which she hasn't done in quite a while.
2. Geo apologizes to Luna for being late.
3. Geo is the first to start jumping in victory for Luna.
4. Geo compliments Luna. (You're something else, Prez!)
5. Geo tells Bud how he hopes that Bud'll take good care of Luna then. (and after a brief pause, adds Zack too)

The Dread Joker Arc

1. Luna was waiting outside Geo's house for him.
2. Luna quickly notices Geo is still upset and bugs him for what's bothering him.
3. Mode says this to Luna after she drowns out: "L-Luna... Geo's watching you, aren't you embarrassed?" (Why should she be embarrassed if she supposedly doesn't care about Geo? Notice how neither Zack nor Bud are mentioned)
4. Luna had Geo go and talk to the students rather then Bud or Zack.
5. When you go to look for the Noise Waves, you can go to Luna's house. If you talk to Mode, she says, "Hello, Geo! *giggle* What do you think of Luna's natural makeup? Isn't she elegantly adorable!" and Geo repsonds with, "Ye...ah!?" This shows that he could be embarrassed about admitting that he thinks Luna looks nice. (Contributed by Hikaru Sora)
6. When Sonia is heading over, before she appears on screen she yells Geo's name...only for him to respond with "Who...". Geo always is able to match up Luna's voice.
7. Geo admits that Luna is special to him when yelling at Joker for hurting Luna, Ace, and Acid (aka people special to him).

The End

1. Luna says: "I'm with you too, Geo. I can't fight by your side, but there's still a lot that I can help with."
2. Geo agrees with Luna when she goes on about how they can't lose hope.
3. In her room, Luna says: "The reason I'm alive now, is because of you and everyone else's hard work. I especially owe Dr. Goodall! Geo, you have to help her." (Not only does she reference Geo, but she expresses her gratitude to him as well, rather than Mega Man)
4. In her room once more after receiving the anonymous letter: "You found King's location!? If you go after him... Please be careful!"
5. When Luna sends Geo a mail, the subject is "Meet me", even though she mentions everyone else in her actual mail.
6. Her letter: Geo, would you mind coming to Echo Ridge if you have time? Everyone has something they want to talk with you about. Let's meet on the roof of the school. (For one, she refers to him as Geo again while requesting and being nice--she doesn't even yell at all AND she was the one to send it.)
7. Luna says if any if them were ever gone forever, she wouldn't know what to do. This includes GEO.
8. She then says this: You have to promise me this, Geo. Promise that you will come back to us..." to which Geo responds that he'll keep that promise and he'll be back.
9. Luna's speech before Geo leaves: "Geo... We are your Brothers... We're always by your side. It doesn't matter whether you're in space or in Meteor G, wherever... No matter what happens... No matter how far away... We will all be right by your side. Don't ever forget that!"
10. If you talk to Luna afterwards before heading on into space, she'll saythis: "You know how I hate to be kept waiting...So hurry and come back. You don't want to find out what happens when you keep a lady waiting, do you!?"
11. Luna is the first to speak out about the rocket moving away. "If the rocket moves too far away, then how will Geo be able to get home!?"
12. Then she says: "Geo won't...The invincible Mega Man won't lose to a measly shooting star!!"
13. Luna: "Come on, Geo... You promised me that you would come back..."
14. In the group picture in the credits, Subaru and Luna are facing each other with big smiles.


1. During Luna's job, when she asks Geo to go check it out, she says this at the end: "Since you're a hero, Geo...Go check it out for me, please." Not only does she call Geo a hero, she refers to him as Geo and even says "for me" after saying how she just wanted him to check for their classmates (even though she's actually scared). Luna then thanks him after saying yes.
2. When finished, Geo refers to her as Luna rather than Prez.
3. When finished, Luna says "Thank you so much for helping, Geo." Once again, appreciation towards Geo over Mega Man.
4. Luna then says to herself: "Geo is such a reliable guy."


1. Luna is the only one of Geo's brothers to come up when saving at first for a long while.
2. Subaru has noise forms with every single one...except Harp. May be more of an anti-Misora thing, but oh well. :P (Contributed by ZC)
3. When you find the Humor Word and equip it, Subaru gets random calls from people when you press "L". Here is a nice hint-filled one from Vogue:
"Omega-xis: Kid, you got a guest.
Geo: Really? Who?
Vouge(Mode): Heeelllooo! It's me, Vouge!
Geo: Hey, Vouge... What's up?
Vouge: I didn't tell Luna that I was coming here! Actually, I came to ask you, who is Mega Man, who Luna adores, what kind of things you like!
Geo: H-Huuugh!?
Vouge: What I really want to know is could one of those things be Luna!? I know she can be loud and stubborn, but she's really sweet and caring, and the truth is she doesn't want to be alone.
Geo: Uh, w-well... I don't know what to say...
Vouge: So, Geo. What do you say you try to get to know Luna a bit more? ...Her good points as well as her bad... And why she has such intense feelings towards Mega Man...
Luna: Vooooogue! Just what do you think you're doing!?
Vouge: Uh-oh! The jig is up! I have to go now!
Omega-xis: Somehow, those two go good together."
4. Once again with the Humor Word, when War Rock is joking about how he can tell who Geo will marry, one of the possibilities is Luna.